Climate Sensors - How to Disable Low Battery Notifications?

Hey! Love the climate sensors…but now that winter is here in northern Minnesota, batteries struggle.

I have these climate sensors all over, including in my camper, garages, and outside. Yup, I know they are technically not for outdoor use, but that is not the issue here.

The low temps here cause battery voltages to drop and then come back up to normal multiple times per day. Each time a sensor battery voltage drops, I get an alert on my phone and other devices. So many alerts. I checked and have notifications disabled for these sensors, but they keep coming. I know the battery will likely be low, and I dont mind if the sensor drops out, I will replace the battery if it drops offline for a day or two.

How can we disable the low battery notifications on the sensors so they stop alerting?

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Does not appear to be an option with today’s capabilities, well, other than changing the battery. This is sure to stop the notifications :wink:

Valid ask, especially if the device is at a distance and it takes a little longer to get to, I would suggest making a wishlist item.

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1000% agree. This is really annoying, to be out of the house and getting battery-low notifications from climate sensors every few minutes and being unable to do anything to turn them off. I’m about to pull all of the climate sensors out of the app…Very frustrated.

Hey. I have another post on the forums about how I got around this…modified the sensors to hold two AA batteries. Made a huge difference. It voids the warranty, but works well.

I’m surprised that I’m already getting battery-low alerts on there climate sensors, they have been in service less than 3 months.