Wyze Watch 47 Suddenly Dies at 40% Battery Goes to Zero

My watch has gone from approximately 40% to 0% in seconds on 4 or 5 occasions. The battery life overall is very, very, very subpar compared to other smart watches. Have sent diagnostics with zero response.

My 47 wyze watch started losing power and needed recharged every other day. I quit using everything and only checked the time approximately 4 times a day.
Now it will not charge at all.

Yep, similar here – daughter loves the watch, but the battery life sucks.

My watch used to stay charged 5 or more days… now it barely makes it 2 days. The battery life has diminished drastically in less then 1 year!

I just had the same thing happen – it was 40% three hours ago (I know this because I connected it to the charger briefly to see if my charging plug had power), and just now it ran to zero, vibrated nonstop for about a minute and turned off.

It was fine yesterday?

You guys should call support and get replacements

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Same thing happened to me the day before yesterday. Suddenly started vibrating nonstop and then was at 0%. While vibrating the screen was black.

I found out if I link it to my phone which is usually with me, it is now holding charge and showing weather again.

Did it to me again! Just died when I got a text. Well it shook violently for almost 2 minutes then died.
So 6 months have passed no firmware updates for a year. At 25 bucks this is actually way to expensive for this level of service. Being Amazon has watches for 50 bucks that use Alexa and are updated.