Wyze Watch 47 Issues since installing 0.12.43

I’m a Wyze Watch 47 pre-order and have been loving the watch since I got it. Unfortunately things have gone south since I installed 0.12.43. Below I’ve described the issues I’m encountering, has anyone else had issues following the latest patch?

Issues I’m experiencing:

  • Battery life was easily I week and more as I’d only charge it on Saturday mornings. Now I have to charge it every 2-3 days.

  • Odd sluggish response issue started after a few days and sometimes didn’t want to sync to my Android phone.

  • This morning the watch seemed fine first thing in the morning, but about 10am I went to look at the time and no response. Put it on the charger and it was at 0% charge again.

  • I let it fully charge and now it looks like the touchscreen is dead. It will still sync to the phone and keep time, but the only way to get the screen to come up is to “Raise to Wake”. Pressing the button does not wake it up nor does putting your hand over the face put it to sleep. The button does work though as I can hold it down to shut it off and restart it.

*Sitting here typing this 2 hours after fully charging the watch, it app is showing the battery already down to 84%. At this burn rate it will be dead in 12 hours.

Prepare to send it in. My 47 w/0.12.43 still gets about 5 days on a charge even though I “play with it” a lot.

I play with mine a lot also and get 50+/day notifications on it, but always got a solid week before the firmware upgrade. I went on a 10 day vacation and realized I had forgot the charger cord at home, so I shutoff all notifications and didn’t play with it much. It lasted until the airplane ride home on day 10. Since the firmware upgrade things have been wonky.

I’m going to intentionally let it drain the battery to 0% and then recharge without starting it up. See if maybe it’s a hardware glitch that won’t clear on a regular reboot.