Did any other people have issues turning Wyze watch 47 on during start up?

How long did it take for watch to come on? There is no indication that it shouldn’t be almost immediate. Wondering what other people’s experience were on start up?

It’s now been about 1 hour that it’s been on the charger with the screen not lighting up and nothing happens when I press the on button.

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Have you tried holding down the side button to power the watch on?
Make sure the power adapter is working.
If you’re still having issues, You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

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Mine fired up right away. Came with 67% battery charge from factory. Initial pair took less than 5 seconds. Initial firmware update took about 3 minutes in iPhone.

Thanks for sharing. Pretty darn sure this is a dud. Bummer.

Yea contacted support. It’s been charging on the provided cord and a 5v 1A iPhone block that I confirmed is working. Its been approximately 12 hours now. Holding the home button does not turn it on.

Will give a call on Monday morning.

Mines DOA. Took it out of the box today. Charged it from 0% to 100%. Synced it to my phone. It powered up but the touchscreen did not work at all. Do a reboot didn’t fix it, then a restart, didn’t fix it. Was reading up on other troubleshooting and while I was doing that the screen went black and now it doesn’t work at all. Got 10 minutes of screentime and 0 minutes of use out of it. Already reached out to support, so we’ll see what happens.

I got mine the other day, It came on right away. I was able to pair it with out any issues. Well the only issue I have right now it that my wife wants one and they are out of stock.

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Mine came at a 76% state of charge, but it took an hour for it to come alive, maybe at 98% SOC. Then the setup was quick and painless.

I’m still waiting on support

Do you have a ticket number?
No need to post the same twice, everyone can see it.

Still waiting on support to resolve this issue.

I’ve had mine for a couple of months. All of the sudden it won’t charge and when I hold the power button it buzzes once but it never turns on. Screen is black.

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Same problem here

This is a long time after your post but here goes. I received my Wyze Watch 47 today, November 29, 2021, and am completely disgusted. I have a Wyze Band which worked great until the band broke but the device still works great. Back to this new Wyze Watch 47. The screen will not come on except for 1 second when I attach the charger. The screen will show as 0% charge, 100% charged, then off. The QR code made an appearance several times, but again, screen only stays on for 1 second and gone. The charger does not stay on the watch well. It literally falls off more than it will stay on. I just called Customer Service and am very unhappy with the style of talking. The woman literally asked me if I had other chargers I could try it with. I asked her how many Wyze Watches did I need to own, What kind of question is that to ask a customer? How many watches would a normal person own? Wow! When I expressed such unhappiness at her way of talking, she transferred me to Tech Support. I didn’t like the style of talk there either. Plain talk is what people want. Not fast talkers. I am very disappointed at Wyze. I own a lot of their products and have gotten other people buying them, as well. Finally, after a lot of talk, they’re sending me another device. Not only am I disappointed at the watch being a dud, I am disappointed at Wyze’s customer service. They were not like that before when I had to call. They were calm, kind, and very patient. They talked real talk, which is the least number of words to get the job done, not a lot of business speak. So, I’ll see if the new watch works.

When I turned it on it did not send a notification to my watch