Does anything work on the watch 47?

So I got my watch last week and have had headache ever since. I have used Wyze Band, Galaxy watches (including latest) and several Fitbit models in the past. I have sent log files all week and emails to support but no response.

What does not work:

  1. Notifications do not arrive on the watch. If I check after a while I see some on the watch, but it does not vibrate and nothing display son the screen unless I go and swipe down.

  2. Lifting the arm does nothing - it doe snot wake up the watch and I have to hit the button just to see the time.

  3. The heart rate monitor is lousy. I was on a treadmill yesterday and compared the readings - treadmill showed a HR of 134 and watch showed 64.

  4. According to Oxygen reading - I should not be alive right now

  5. I am fine with the limited faces provided - but please allow us to show more info on the screen without swiping through.

I understand this was only $20. I have almost everything Wyze makes (including 14 cameras) and would pay $100 if the item actually worked. This is my first disappointment in a Wyze product and same for the support as it has been no existent

sounds like a defective device, I’m not having any of those issues. Maybe reset/delete & add from scratch? I’d call support for a replacement

Thanks Ken - I have reset it from scratch 3 times already and no difference. Even the alarm doe snot work every day - although I set it for M-F at same time every day. Hopefully someone from Wyze support reaches out soon or this goes in my junk drawer.