Wyze Watch 47 Sleep Track only works once, and once after factory reset

Since I have received my watch 47mm sleep tracker only worked once. After this, the following days are all blank. I wore the watch 4 days in a row. I assumed maybe I had hairy arms or it wasn’t tight enough. So I tried it again and nothing, no data, just that one day.

I figured maybe it was a software issue so I factory reset. This time I rotated the watch to my bottom wrist sure enough it recorded only one day, because I factory reset it. Any following days after that, no recorded data. I submit my logs from the Wyze app cycle tracking within the app last week, but havent heard or received any response in the status.

As you can see in the second image, the heart rate and pulsox work fine, but tracking, nope. I see its hit or miss with some people but can confirm myself the issue is recurring.

It is a touch and go device. Mine tracks sleep only once a day. If any naps or more than one sleep period is taken only the night time data is tracked.
The app shows part of a day and not the whole 24 hours of day.
I’d expect it to show the full day and show asleep and wake periods. So if I slept 6 hours I should have 18 hours awake.
I’ve submitted several logs from phone app and tickets via website and no real support. The responses have been generic…update phone app and watch app versions and restart. This has been done already and does not solve anything.
Calling I got someone who didn’t know anything about the phone or watch app to help. It was a waste of 20 mins.

We are definitely getting what we paid for… nothing but a fancy watch remote to turn on/off wyze devices. We definitely didn’t pay for any good or decent support at the prices they are selling.

Wyze may be the future Blackberry of cams and die.

I’ll stick to apple watch or fitbit for real monitoring (even fitness areas were not accurate on wyze watch).

Same here. The Watch47 is flaky and the Wyze support is inept. They completely managed to cool me off of Wyze products (and I owe a dozen or so, many already gathering dust).

In a nutshell Watch47 is a beta device at best. It works as a watch and a calendar. Most other functions, do not work reliably and there are two sources:

  1. hardware functions, like sleep monitor are unreliable (e.g., watch showing me no sleep data or 3 hrs of sleep after I slept for 7hrs with the watch on my wrist and the phone by my side, or 100 steps after the whole day of activity, etc.).
  2. software (notifications, weather, etc.) depend on the Wyze app figuring out that bluetooth is on, which it apparently can’t do with any consistency (you’re forced to open the app, wait until it realizes that the bluetooth is on and connects; only to regularly drop off the connection later).

Additionally (and this could be my particular device, but I can’t tell since they keep refusing to give me a replacement, despite a “one year manufacturer’s warranty”), the watch seems to reset itself every once in a while (buzzes, flashes the green wyze logo, then shows the watch face again).

I submitted a bunch of tickets and logs and engaged in a back and forth with the support, hoping that someone will offer to replace a defective watch (maybe a different device will actually work?) but that turned to be a total waste of time. The straw that broek the camel’s back for me was when Wyze support insisted that i send them a video of the device randomly resetting itself!? They seriously want me to capture a completely random event (I am amused just thinking how they imagine this taking place: you’re supposed to sit there with a camera pointed at your wrist until the random even occurs :man_facepalming:
(ticket 1221869)

To top it all off, Wyze solicited my review for Watch47, and when I gave them a negative review, they took it down!

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@8421af3ba1c60ed3daa6 Welcome to the Wyze community!

Sorry to hear about your poor experience with support. I have sent your ticket number over to a Wyze employee to be escalated. I hope this gets resolved for you soon.

yes, its hopeless and I keep troubleshooting it everyday with my sleep track, bluetooth connectivity and even tried manytimes restarting my smart phone. And sometimes message sync issues. Watch does not even send message alerts from its own Waze Sense security system.

My experience with the watch 47’s sleep tracking is it works initially, starting when I go to sleep quite well, however I typically get up in the early morning around 5am or so for a fast bathroom stop and a glass of water. We’re talking a couple minutes tops and hardly any walking/steps involved. After that I’ll go back to bed and sleep soundly for hours more, but the sleep tracking never picks up again. The Band and watch 44 don’t seem to have any trouble accurately picking up again, but the 47 just doesn’t.
Hopefully the 47 gets a much needed tweak in the sleep tracking to correct this, or it’s pretty useless and nowhere near tracking my actual sleep hours like the band and 44 did.


The Wyze Support has become shameful, embarrassing, and worthless. It’s now Jan.26, 2023 and I’ve called for several things since your comments and it makes you want to throw away anything Wyze you own. I own many cams, Watch, Band, and both bathroom scales. When Wyze Cams first came out, I was one of the earliest to buy their cams. When I called Customer Support, it was like talking to Steve Jobs. They were native speakers, brilliant-knew every in and out of the products and helped me resolve many products. My love of the company was over the top. Now, I realize if you have a problem with a product, there will be nobody with a brain and knowledge at the other end to help. I still have a lot of Wyze Cams up and love my scales. My cams do not perform great only due to poor internet where I live. Welcome to rural America where they charge a lot of money for slow internet. My Wifi cannot handle the number of cams I have running. I still like them though.