Watch 47 Sleep tracking missing data

Watch 47 missing sleep data.

The graphs show only one period of sleep per day…they should show the full 24 hours on the graph and show wake and asleep times for a total of 24 hours.
Now it shows partial sleep time as the “total” for the day and misses any second or additional sleep periods in any day. Say I sleep 4 hours, wake up for 30 mins, go back to sleep for 3 hours, wake for hour, go back to sleep…the app will only show the first 4 hours.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who works a 24/7 job and has to put out “work fires” throughout day/night AND have more than 1 sleep/nap sessions in a day.

I’ve sent logs twice from phone app and have yet to hear from Wyze support.

I’ve called and Wyze support person seemed to not care and clearly didn’t know what to do. He didn’t offer any solution other than “play with the settings” to get it to work. I stated there are no settings to check or update for sleep.

It seems the testing and QA at Wyze is so lacking that they forgot to ensure all types of customers would be considered. QA and testers at Wyze are likely so green that they don’t know how to fully test products and apps.


Even after updating latest version on phone app and watch app and restarting, the watch continues to miss sleep/awake data. Took a 4 hr nap middle of day + 4 hour sleep at end of day into next day AND none of the hours were tracked.
The only sleep times that are tracked are if sleeping during evening after 1am and then it tracks till the first wake up hours. If going back to bed, it does not track 2nd sleep period.

Is anyone getting multiple sleep periods tracked in a day?

I’ve seen some postings with the sleep graph and it looks similar to mine (only part of day shows) with many hours missing in a day. In other words, the graph only shows part of any given day.


@CordCutter - Have you looked at my thread?

I get an extra 3 hours of sleep a day according to the watch :slight_smile:

Same here on some days. Not sure what it tracks for sleep, but apparently its not the industry standard. If you sleep in middle of day and work a night shift it will not track your sleep. If you take sietas/naps in the middle of the day or evening, it won’t track your sleep. Even if you set watch for sleep times to not notify its not really using that time to track sleep.

I’ve been up in middle of night and it doesnt track that I got up and was awake. Other times, I’m awake and not really asleep and it tracks as sleep. And other other times, it tracks I was awake when I wasn’t.

As much as I would like Wyze to be a serious contender in their product spaces, Wyze will continue to be just a gimmick.

They have yet to solve many solved problems their competitors solve.

The plus is they are introducing folks to each product space AND customers will grow away from them to real world solutions.
I will end up shelving my Wyze watch and get what we already have in household. Either Apple or Fitbit.

We get what we pay for and I didn’t expect much from the Wyze watch as its a rename of Chinese generic equipment. There are plenty of them at their price point.

Honestly, this watch’s sleep function stinks. I fell asleep at 3 am and it recorded no sleep data. Honestly it has a window when you need to sleep. It won’t record naps either.
Where is the support?

Supposedly the watch only tracks sleep between 6pm and 6am.

I would love to see 24 hr per day sleep tracking,… or the option to activate it.
I’m a night shift worker and I also during the day, why isn’t my sleep schedule an option to be tracked? If it tracks from 6p to 6a why can’t they have an option to toggle a switch and track sleep from 6a to 6p or am option to track 24hrs?

I have honestly learned Wyze is just a creator of things and has no Idea how to support them or build a long term relationship. The watch is a joke. Requesting support is pointless, the thing has had 2 updates since March. It is still bug ridden and functionally inferior to any name brand watch.
It is beyond stupid that the watch stops recording sleep after 6 am.
The way the forums are organized should tell you how little concern they have for feedback and support.

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Imo, Wyze has introduced way too many products. I have my suspicions as to why (stock market, cough, appearance to investors, cough, cough, etc).

Their cameras were/are great. Thermostat not bad. Door lock, meh. Everything else? Toys.

Concentrating on the Wyze watch, specifically the sleep function, or actually the lack of one, is a waste of time at this point. IT DOES NOT WORK!

It was my hope months ago, that I would be able to replace my Fitbit with this watch, since I use it mostly for sleep tracking. Steps are nice, but who knows how accurate that is on any watch?

Compared to my Fitbit charge, I prefer the larger, color screen of the Wyze watch. Swiping two different screens is a challenge. The crystal scratches when you look at it.

But their so-called sleep function, as others have pointed out, is doa pretty much. If I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, that’s the end of the sleep data for that night. They don’t even allow you to edit your sleep data!

Does anybody know, how many new products have been introduced since this watch has come out? Who has time to fix bugs or update anything?

I mean, for the price I can’t complain too much. But this is basically a watch, and not much more. The rest of the so-called features is mostly smoke and mirrors.

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