Wyze Watch sleep tracking - What's it like?

I’m looking for some general feedback from users with either watch size. How good is the sleep tracking? Does it think you’re asleep when you’re simply awake and in bed? Does it feel accurate overall?

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I’ve a thread on it.

Sometimes it thinks I’m asleep while I’m up and walking.

It’s been fairly accurate to my sleep cycles but there are two things that aren’t so great. If I’m not moving a lot in the evenings it will decide I’m sleeping, usually light sleep and if I take a nap in the afternoon, it won’t track that sleep.

Basically as long as you’re sleeping from probably 10pm to about 10am, it tracks pretty well, but if you have a different sleep period I don’t think it knows how. IIRC when the band first came out they had issues with the sleep tracking deciding folks at work all day were sleeping and they fixed it by just not tracking during the day.