Wyze Band Sleep is not correct

I’ve been having issues getting steps to sync correctly with Apple Health. Now this. I wore the band to bed to track sleep. Woke up at 7a with the band saying I got about 7 hours of sleep. Seemed fairly accurate. Went to try and sync to Apple health. It synced 5 hours. Huh? Then checked the wyze app and the sleep went down to 5 hours saying I was awake at 5a. I was not. At first I thought it seemed accurate and then it switched to being completely off. And once again is there no way to see a better breakdown of sleep/deep sleep other than squinting at the band to see a 12 hour period in approximately a 2 centimeter screen?

I’m past the return period on this and I’ll having a lot of regret. Why does nothing work correctly? I get that this is an inexpensive device, but it’s really only a bad pedometer. What am I missing?

I’m not certain what’s going on with your band. Mine has been farily accurate with sleep cycles although I do get that weird jump where it updates the band after syncing. I’ve seen a few jumps with google Fit as well so I’m wondering if phone data is overwriting the band when it syncs to google or apple.

At least on the Google Fit end of things I can get a pretty solid breakdown of the sleep cycle so I know the band is tracking it. The graph in the wyze app is pretty basic though and only really helps to know general stuff.