Band not tracking sleep - at all!

We have two bands. One of them has completely stopped tracking sleep the last time it tracked any sleep was back in December, and at that time it only tracked eight or nine days during the entire month. The last good month, where it tracked almost every day, was last october.

I’ve rebooted both the band and phone, and cleared the cache. It’s picking up heart rate though.

The other band uses the same phone, but under a different Wyze account. It also has issues tracking sleep, though it does work - intermittently.

I’ve seen posts by some who whose bands don’t track anything at all, though that’s not my case. Sleep tracking is the most important feature for us.

I am at a loss.

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Same here, sleep tracking not functioning at all. Band always dropping connection. Just about fed up with Wyze. Waiting for Stimulus to get me an iPhone watch!

Mine does not lose the connection. It just stopped tracking sleep. What’s weird is that it still tracks heart rate.