Wyze Band - Improved sleep tracking


I’ve been using the Wyze Band for three weeks now, having switched over from a Fitbit Alta HR. I think the Wyze Band is better at almost everything except sleep tracking. Features I’d like to see added are:

  1. Ability to see a more detailed sleep analysis - time spent in REM, Light, Deep and Awake.

  2. Nightly sleep score.

  3. Add a daily sleep view to the app (instead of just weekly and monthly). I know the band kind of shows this, but I’d like to see a detailed breakdown of each night’s sleep with a time-grid, showing the different sleep stages as they occurred during certain times of the night.

  4. Better determination of when I’m actually sleeping. Several times I’ve had my band show 10 or more hours of sleep by the end of the day (when it should be 7-8). I’m not sure if it’s including time when I’m not wearing the band, or just times of inactivity while reading, watching a movie, etc. I know others have mentioned having the ability to set a time range when sleep should be tracked; that may be the solution for this one.

I think the Wyze Band is a great product at a great price, and I look forward to future enhancements!

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I really think this detail should be in place before the general release or you you going to have a lot of buyers feeling they were promised something that you didn’t deliver. I certainly did, even as an early access buyer, And I echo all of Jeffwelch_2000’s wishes… :wink: Love the band.

I second that for sure! I also left feedback on the watch. The main thing they need to improve is the sleep monitor, as you nicely outlined.
I also think they need to make it more accurate in all the the VSM events. I find many times the app and the watch to not match the reading in heart rate, and in sleep events.

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its a nice watch. But not much of a health monitor right now since nothing is really that accurate on it. including the sleep monitior!

Hello wyze community.
Like to ask where or how do I go about requesting wyze to add the full sleep information to the app?
As you can see it’s extremely small and for an old fart like me I need a magnifying glass to see how good or poor I slept.
So it be nice to see the graph details in the app over a simple graph.
You need eagle eyes to see the sleep details on the band.
A simple switch of the 2 will be great.
Much appreciated for any and all info.


I asked the exact same question and request… a long time ago. no response.


I know @ArthurH at one time said this was being worked on but that was awhile ago. Hopefully it’s still coming as the app is kinda useless for detailed sleep info.

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@WyzeGwendolyn you have any info?

Not at this point but I’ll check in. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We are working on a redesign of the entire activity data dashboard, and improvement to Sleep Tracking view is in the scope.
We are evaluating about how to best present the daily data.
About the sleep recognition, we use a combination of motion, heart rate and time of the day to determine if the user is sleeping. If there is a clear pattern of inaccuracy, please help submit a log, and describe your actual sleep and wake up time. We will check for potential bugs or algorithm improvement.
Thank you.


I agree :100:

I joined the forum just to ask about this. Love my Wyze Band, but I hate that I can only see my daily sleep details on my watch and not in the app. I would love to see a view with similar level of granularity as the Running Record.

Under the sleep feature there should be 12 hr time frame on the graph to show when a person actually had deep sleep or light sleep. Just showing a bar graph with no additional info to compare too isn’t helpful. Graphs need information on the x and y axis in order to be useful. I’m sure this is an easy fix!

Ditto all this. Even the same sleep data on the app as the tracker would satisfy me at this point. Thanks!

Maybe add sleep settings in the app to allow the user to set preferred sleep windows that they usually follow. ex, + Add Sleep Window 9pm to 6am. + Add Sleep Window 3pm to 4:30pm (nap). During those hours, Wyze wouldn’t (so much) factor time of day since the user already suggested that’s their usual sleep schedule. That could help assist the accuracy since some people work night shifts, some take multiple naps, etc.

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Can you make it to where the band recognizes that you are asleep in the daytime and not just at night? As a night shift worker I would like to know what my sleep pattern is.

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Relating to sleep, I’d like it if when in nighttime mode that it takes two taps to activate the screen. It’s constantly coming on for me at night when I move around and disturbing my wife.
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

i agree! I am constantly turning my screen on in my sleep! sometime wakes me up with a blinding glare!

That would definitely be a nice feature!

You can see daily view if you authorize Google fit, Then open the Google fit app, and you’ll be able to view your stats in daily view.