Wyze watch and app sleep tracking

I have a Wyze Watch 47. It’s surprisingly good for the very low price. But I want to bring up a wish list issue.
I have had a Fitbit and I have had a Garmin, and I have to say the sleep tracking on the Wyze app is the least “interesting.” The Fitbit sleep tracking was very interesting. Garmin was less interesting than the Fitbit but a little better than Wyze.
For one thing, on fitbit the sleep times could be edited on the app. If you went to bed at 11:30 the Fitbit might not detect you sleeping until 1 AM, but you could go in the app after sync and change the sleep time to when you went to bed and you got the data. You could also tell the watch when you were going to bed and it would start the tracking then. If you didn’t fall asleep, or tossed and turned for an hour that was captured. Much more interesting

Garmin also allowed editing of the sleep times but was not nearly as interesting as the fitbit.

Something for the app developers to think about.

I also like that Fitbit tracks REM. Of course they’re not going to be comparable to polysomnography.