Wyze Watch 47 Complaints and Suggestions

Disclaimer: I realize this watch only cost 20 or $25, so obviously it’s not going to be perfect.

I was hoping to replace my 4 year old Fitbit but I find myself wearing two watches instead. My main interest is in the sleep function. I have horrible insomnia and I like to keep track of how many hours of sleep I get every night. My Fitbit tracks this pretty good. The Wyze, not so much.

It almost never shows awake time (almost an impossibility).

If I wake to go to the bathroom, it decides I must be awake for the day and stops tracking.

There’s no editing of your sleep time.

Battery status:

With the Fitbit, you get a notification when the battery reaches certain level.

The Wyze gives you nothing. You have to manually check. My watch keeps going dead because of this.

As for the rest, I can only imagine how accurate it must be.

On the plus side, I like the notifications, shortcuts (they need to be expanded though) stopwatch (needs an always on screen option)

Personally, is gladly pay $35 - $40 for these functions.

You should read some of my threads on the 47 and sleep time.
I thought it was FANTASTIC. I would go to bed about 11p.m., sleep till 5a.m. and it would record 8 hours sleep.
Like a Vortex Manipulator for $20. I would get 8 hours of sleep in 5 hours.:slight_smile:

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