Wyze 47 Watch not bad for the price

I have had my watch for a week now and I really do like it. I have a FitBit that cost me $139.99 and I am not comparing this to that as it would be unrealistic. But I do lone the features it has, yes it could be better but then it would cost more. With that said I would love to see some items for it,

My husband and I own a Metals Recycling Plant and there is a lot of movement in my arms from banging, tearing apart things, and us just getting banged by stuff. I bought the tempered glass and the full bumper grand/wrist band for my fitbit and it works great, I would love to see something to protect the watch for us that do hard manual labor to protect at least the glass with some tempered glass protectors. I looked on ebay but since the watch is pretty new there is nothing there.

Please come out with accessories to keep the watch safe. Because there is nothing yet I can only wear this when I am at home now. I did wear it to work to see how good this watch was, I was very careful with it, and I am very impressed, for the price I paid it does do a lot of stuff. Good job Wyze the watch is pretty decent, but please come out with more bands, tempered glass, and protective gear so I can wear my watch all the time.

This is an excellent idea @rox33anne! You should create a #wishlist item for this. If you do, please link it here. Remember to vote for your own #wishlist item too!

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I am new to all this, I will give it a try and hopefully I can figure it out.


I too work in some “industrial” settings and would love a tempered screen protector . I know it is only $20 but I would be highly aggravated to break mine during regular use.

On Amazon - I saw

TUDIA Full Coverage Protective Case Compatible for Wyze Smart Watch 47mm, Tough Full Body Case with Screen Protector Hard PC Bubble-Free Anti Fingerprint Clear Case Cover

Thank you for that info, I did see those a few months back, I bought one, but since sweat and water gets under it all the time I had to pop it off each time and with too many pop off it cracked. It lasted maybe a month. Not worth the price to last a month. For by fitbit I have a band and cover as one piece, I am looking for something like that for the Wyze watch but so far nothing.

I bought one back in january, and I also think it’s not worth the price!