Wyze Watch 47 first impressions

What a disaster of a product as it is currently. Hopefully some updates will add better/community watchfaces, and address some issues below.

I pre-ordered one for me and six more for my staff (photographers), but I just requested a return on all of them.

The good:

  • screen looks great indoors
  • cheap
  • touchscreen

The bad:

  • when raising wrist to see time it only works 30-50% of the time
  • have to pause with arm in front of your face, it takes a solid second to come on once done moving
  • screen nearly impossible to see in sunlight
  • can’t glance down to see time. Screen doesn’t stay on full time (even in a low light mode), I understand its because of battery.
  • watch face selection is sparse - also, needs to add watch battery. Weather would also be nice
  • notifications don’t show emojis
  • only one button - the swipe navigation is annoying and only works maybe 75% of the time.
  • heartbeat sensor didn’t work on top of wrist for me, only bottom. Maybe that’s all smart watches?
  • cheap build quality, When I went to factory reset the watch the side button popped off and won’t go back on. Just wow…

My smartwatch history is with the kickstarter Pebble and now still using a Pebble Time that just won’t die. It has an always on screen, 10 day battery life and can see it perfectly in the sunlight. Other than that, it’s a ancient no frills smartwatch and I can’t wait to get something better to replace it with. The Wyze Watch 47 is NOT IT,

I love Wyze products and most of them are bang on - I have been using the v2 cams in my business for years. I especially love the robot vacuum with my 2 dogs. The watch 47 should have been 2-3x the cost and actually been good. If you’ve never used a smartwatch before, maybe you’ll think this is a good product?? And no, it isn’t “good for the price”. It’s cutting too many corners and the final experience is awful as it is currently. I look forward to watch v2.

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Welcome back @redwolf!
I’m sure Wyze will definitely work on improving some of these issues.

You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

If the phone is busy, make sure to try calling earlier or later in the day.

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I have the Wyze Watch 47 and am not very satisfied with it, even though it is for a relatively low cost.

First, it only stays on for about 5 sec when triggered; not enough time to clearly read everything on the screen. Please have a setting for 5, 10, or 15 sec display time after arm raising, pushing the button, or message alerts.

Second, most of the watch faces are ugly, look cheap and plain, and contain only time and maybe date. The one that does show more information (time, date, day of week, steps, calories, and heart rate) is plain and has an ugly shadow effect. None of the faces shows battery life, leading to the possibility that the watch will go dead while you are out and about and away from your charger. All faces should show battery life left, with a flashing red warning at 10 or 15% battery charge left.

Wyze: Please, even though it is for a relatively low price, the very poorly designed faces for the Wyze Band, and now, the initial faces for the Wyze Watch make these cheap-looking/undesirable products! You need to hire a good designer to come up with some beautiful, readable, and useful watch face designs.

Anybody else feel like I do about the deficiencies with this new Wyze Watch? If so, please join in this thread and maybe Wyze will listen and meet more of their customer’s expectations for this potentially much better product!


I tend to agree. All your observations/suggestions are on point. We get what you pay for but hope for more. However after wearing for a couple of weeks, It now is sitting on my night table. Not impressed with the faces, Weather app sync and location detection are not consistent. The band is not comfortable for me, but I can’t bring my self to buy a band that costs more than the watch. I noticed that I turn the watch off, it will turn itself back on. Not sure when that happens. Only one firmware updated since it has shipped and 1 app update. I doubt I will pre-order any more products from Wyze.

Very glitchy. Some of the comments (raise to wake and swipe screen) work about 50% of the time. Screen freezes while in use. Loses connectivity (although the firmware update has improved it somewhat) regularly, even with the app running in the background. The band is difficult to adjust and maneuver once its on your wrist. And the weirdest thing is it constantly decides to fluctuate between do not disturb and normal settings. I’ll look down at my watch and it will be constantly turning itself on and off. . .with no screen input. While the price point is hard to argue with and the frame /body feel sturdy and look nice, it just seems to miss the mark completely. Step tracking is off by about 1/10 of a mile. It seems as though there was a disconnect (no pun intended) when this was in design and especially production. Maybe the whole COVID crisis made put some hurdles in the entire process? I have numerous Wyze products and with the exception of this one, they all seem to work pretty well and are are great value. And I have reached out to customer service and gotten crickets. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive purchase, but it leaves me a little bewildered as to how they let this product hit the market with their name and reputation on it and don’t seem concerned.

Faces look miserable! Looks like preschooler has designed.
Guess this was my first and last product from Wyze. Even Virmee looks better and more functional!
Turned 47 off, put back to the box and will figure out how to return.
Oh, no auto brightness.
Screen is pretty big and I would like to see more on it. Date, time, HR, SpO2, steps, battery - minimum. And in normal colours!