Wyze Watch massive disappointment

This post is just to vent & stress how massively disappointing AF the wyze watch has been & still IS!!! I have always been a big supporter & owner of many Wyze products! I’ve honestly NEVER had a complaint until this freakin watch!!! I’m glad it was the price point it was or I would be livid! The watch health benefits work whenever they want to (which is basically never), the oxygen saturation really NEVER works, the sleep tracking pretty much works maybe once a week if that (& i only take my watch off to shower), I have to REGULARLY constantly log into the app to resync it bcuz it damn sure unsyncs & serves NO purpose if ya don’t which also defeats the purpose of the watch…its just freakin horrible & so damn disappointing to the point that I’m gonna retire it & use one i got off Amazon instead SMH…I mean the band was better than the watch, which is pretty sad & NONE of the updates fix ANYthing, they just seem to make the watch work more horribly which i don’t even know how it can get worse but it does almost with every update…& Wyze literally has done NOTHING to overhaul the watch, the software, NOTHING either???

After being a happy & loyal customer then to experience this watch & consistently every update it seeming to make the watch worse not better & it STILL not rectified on ANY level, I dunno if I’ll end up investing in any more Wyze products bcuz I have NO tolerance for half ass business (have u seen this ass I am NOT a half asser nor do I take kindly to such haha) or bad business!!!:-1::-1:


I have to agree. Most all of my Wyze stuff works pretty well. But both of our Wyze watches (the large and small) are pretty useless. I will say that the battery life on the 47 is phenomenal, but then, it really doesn’t do much to drain the battery anyway.

They should have spent a bit more time on something of higher quality and committing more resources for ongoing support and charged more.

They already had the wyze band at similar price point so adding the watch with more less same stuff was a bad choice.

They’ve launched too many devices and seems like quality has gone down across the board.

I still can’t understand why something as simple as elegant watch faces are not yet addressed. It only costed 30 bucks but I feel like I got less than that.
Soon to become ewaste.