Wyze is on some BS. Canceled my preorder

I ordered a 44 and 47 and two bands on Dec 1st… They CHARGED my card for the watches. TODAY I get an email, and it is total BS.

" Your order #WTF has been updated with a status of Preorder Watch .

The payment or billing information was not able to be verified and completed so the order was automatically canceled. You will need to place a new order if you would like to continue your purchase. You can check the details of this or other orders by logging into your account.

Not very classy Wyze!!!

Same thing just happened to me. I tried the support, but there is no section for the watch under Orders and Returns

I just submitted a normal request in hopes they route it to the right person.

Same thing here. The website does show the status of the order status as “your order is in packing” so I am hoping it was a mistake. I filed a support request online as well … guess we’ll see.

Where do I go to do that ? The only options I see are selecting from these pre-defined lists

This same thing just happened to me! Just got a notification my order was canceled! My CC was charged back in December! This is gross. We can’t “place a new order” for these since they are sold out. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with all the preorders I’ve done with Wyze. But this is crazy! Please tell me the emails were sent out in error?!?


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Same here Drew, I have been a loyal wyze supporter, but this is just so scummy. Just tell me they screwed up and can’t make my order, or tell me its going to be WAY longer than they expected and give me the option to cancel… Just don’t lie to me.

I just picked whatever for order and returns/orders/home monitoring lol.

I got an email back on the 20th that they had “identified [my] order as a part of a handful of Wyze Watch 44 preorders that [had] received early processing notifications from our backend in error”. I never received that notification … but I am hoping that this is just another issue with accidentally sending the wrong email. Since the site still shows my order as packing and not as cancelled I am guessing that is the case.

yup. i also got the early processing in error email and now today i got an email that my order is cancelled for non payment. And Wyze charged me back on 12-1-20 for the watch pre order. And i have other pre-orders all ready paid for but now skeptical about anything wyze. would be great if wyze addressed the issues asap.

I got same cancelation watch email. I called customer support and she said the order was not canceled. She couldn’t explain the email I received. She just confirmed I would get the watch (44) in May. First and last time buying Wyze. That’s for sure.

Just got an update on my support ticket:

"Thanks for reaching out! If you are contacting us about your Wyze Watch order being canceled don’t worry, we have recently changed the status of your order back to Preorder Status. This may have caused a cancellation email to come your way in error, and we’re very sorry about that!

Your order has not been canceled and will still be shipping in May."

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EXACTLY the samething w/me
( ordered 44& 47 & 2bands …paid for/processed on Dec.1st…& was previously on processing status and now it’s back to a pre-order status …that it’s canceled & to re-order (WTF???)…because of nonpayment & billing issues. …lost & confused…I’m glad this forum is here

I have the same email, We can stand down, it is a total glitch :slight_smile:

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