Watch Pre-order cancelled

I pre-ordered the watch on December 12th, got an order number and “thank you” email. I knew that it wouldn’t ship for a while and it was a pre-order. On Monday, I was going to order some more cameras and plugs but noticed that my watch order wasn’t listed. I contacted support and was told it had been cancelled.
I did not get any notification and now can’t pre-order the watch.
Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

That happened with my V3 Camera Preorders, but they were cancelled within a day.
No reason given.

I took that as a bad omen, didn’t reorder and will keep using my 8 V2 Cameras.


I have a different issue I pre-ordered the watch and then got an Apple watch for Christmas and have tried to cancel and it told me I had to contact Support. I want to cancel and it will not let me and I did not find any help from support.

I assume you have tried [Wyze Support] (

Live support is also available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.
I’ve personally had better results with the phone support recently.

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Support told me it was cancelled and to reorder it. Only problem is that it’s not available for order now and support can’t tell me when it’ll be available.
I want to know why I wasn’t notified when it was cancelled. My credit card was charged then refunded for the order.


I too preordered a smartwatch and have been trying to cancel the order online. the Cancel option in the order page does not work and asks you to contact wizen without telling you how to do so. on etc contact page you go through a ton of questions which discourage you to contact anyone, eventually you are offered to fill a form with an email, which I did twice two weeks apart and NO feedback whatsoever. there is no option to call anyone. I am glad you mention a phone number here, but where is this phone number in the website, why do we need to go through forums to find a phone number. this is very disrespectful customer service !!

after the second request I got my order cancelled, thanks to the support team today.

however it would be better to have this cancellation and contact option as a more straightforward process than a maze kind of game

Put me down as another one caught by this. I pre-ordered the watch on Dec 8th and received a confirmation email. Since then I have been receiving weekly updates from “Jimmy” at Wyze. I decided that due to the latest update saying the shipping has been pushed back to April (but possibly March), I would cancel. I couldn’t find my order on my account and support has since told me that there was a problem with the payment and the money was put back on my Amex a few days after the order. I’m not sure what went wrong with the payment as Amex processed it fine. Wouldn’t you think that if the order is cancelled Wyze would send you an email to tell you? There was a real possibility that I could have been waiting til April for a product that was never going to arrive. Very poor customer service.

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I’ve been told the following:

  • Orders will fail silently if it fails the Wyze Fraud tests but wasn’t told what that means.
  • Orders will fail silently if you aren’t logged into your account.
  • The only way to get a new order in is to wait for ordering to reopen and there is no ETA for that.

One would think that if the order is cancelled, a notification would be sent out but I guess Wyze doesn’t care if they anger customers by not sending them out.

Same here, they canceled my pre-order for the Vacuum but sent me an order confirmation instead and even asked me to choose the early backer reward after some time. I only found out about the cancellation when the order didn’t arrive in the end. Support is not able to tell me why they rejected the order and advised to order again, losing the pre-order benefits (lower price and early backer reward), which I won’t do.