Pre-orders lost

Did anyone else has experienced their pre-orders vanishing? I’ve pre-ordered the wyze cam v3, headphones, video doorbell, and the watch.

But only the watch shows up in my account.

The headphones should have been arrived already, but support says my payment got rejected, but I got no notification at all!

I’ve double checked my e-mail, the only notifications I got were when I pre-ordered the items, saying “Thank you for your pre-order!”

I’m utterly dissapointed with Wyze, because now the headphones are out of stock, same thing for de wyze cam v3.

I own 15 wyze cams v2, plus sensors and bulbs.

I expected at least a notification if the payment got declined, wich I doubt because I use PayPal and haven’t got any trouble lately.

So please wyze… you know… do something

I ordered a pair of headphones a couple days ago, got a confirmation number and email and thought it went through. I waited a couple days and didn’t get any updates so I created a Wyze account on their website to track my purchase and view my order and nothing was there. I emailed support and they said my payment never went through so the order was cancelled (I accidentally used the wrong card to purchase) and that I would have to reorder the headphones. I never got a notification or email saying that the payment didn’t go through. Anyway, I went back online to order the headphones again and now their sold out and I can’t get them…