Wyze support site is lacking

This all comes up because I have had 2 issues with the site, first one 1as multiple order like 6x when the site kept asking to confirm my order, in the background it was actually billing me and placing the order multiple times.
NOW I get an email that says My preorder that I have been waiting for for 6 months is ready to ship and was cancelled because it could not confirm BILLING!!! How about you let me UPDATE my BILLING, or Why didn’t you you just BILL me 6 months ago when I planned for that expense!

Ask a question, Ok click orders and returns
then it says what can we help with: I choose Orders
Then it asks me about a Service, I dont need help with A a service i need help with an order of a product.

You’re not the only one that got the email. Mine actually was billed when I placed the order in December and I still got the email. Wyze is on some BS. Canceled my preorder