Order status?

ordered some stuff today but never got a confirmation page after the submission nor did i get a confirmation email. did receive email from credit card company about charge within a minute.

saw elsewhere on site that Wyze is backlogged in sending out confirmation emails and shipping tracking emails (not sure why as this should be automated, my credit card was charged quickly!!!). was going to give it a day or two then…

decided to log in to credit card site to see any charges and noticed that in addition to the order charge it appears to also be be a credit for the same amount.

what is going on here!!!??? was the order canceled? no idea what the order status is.

also, as another user has pointed out i do not see anything under MY ORDERS, for this order or any previous.

I would call Wyze or open a support ticket. They will be able to help you sort this out.

@gwa000 I would recommend reaching out to support first thing tomorrow. You should be able to contact them by phone.

Call Wyze Support:

Wyze Customer Support 206-339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Called up credit card company today to see if they had canceled the charge possibly because they might have thought it was fraud.

They said that everything was OK at their end (i.e. transaction was legitimate) but that 7 seconds later for some reason Wyze performed the credit (while also canceling my order).

Probably will not call or open a ticket and just try tomorrow to order again.

Hello @gwa000, let me know if you still have problems when you try and order again and I will attempt to get someone from WYZE to look into it

just tried to order the items again and same result, a charge shows up on the credit card (when i check online) along with a credit. this was done using a virtual number assigned by my credit card company.

i then tried a different card from a different company and the same thing, a charge followed by an adjustment.

i did notice an error as it popped up and disappeared quickly. it said something along the line of “Error with payment method. Select a different payment method.”.

this is ridiculous that i can’t place an order online using 2 different credit cards. and the same thing happens for each, a charge followed by a credit adjustment.

the number provided in a previous reply was for customer support. will they take an order over the phone?

I will get this info to someone at WYZE, thank you

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I spoke with the web team about this and I’m going to message you for further information so we can check on your account, @gwa000. Sorry for the trouble!


FWIW i ended up ordering the items but using the PayPal option instead of a credit card (even though the PayPal option is linked to the same credit card).

got a confirmation email from both PayPal and Wyze so i’m a happy camper. well… as long as everything works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yay! I am glad to hear it! :smiley: