Trouble with duplicate charges on Credit Card and support non responsize

Completed an order for a product the other day and was charged four times for one order due to their website crashing repeatedly during the order. Contacted them right away and informed of situation. Was contacted initially for details which I provided. They didn’t respond after that and let all four charges post. Now I have to file dispute forms on each of the three extra charges since Wyze seems unwilling to correct on their end. I have ordered from them since they were a new company… Done now…

@alexdonaghy-I’m very short to hear you have had this problem. I know what a PITA dealing with credit card charges can be. I’m going to tag in the @moderators and see if they can get some eyes on the problem. They will probably want your order number and/or support ticket number.
Please keep in mind that with the crisis situation the way it is now lots of things aren’t working up to standard. Even Amazon’s Support was offline recently!


I have the same problem. Ordered the facemasks on Tuesday and due to the website crashing, was billed twice. I have submitted a support request and do have a ticket number. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

I’m facing the same issues too. No response from Wyze and no orders showing in My Orders.

We are so sorry to hear about these issues. May I please have support ticket numbers from folks running into this so I can look into your tickets?

Wyze Customer Support

Wyze Ticket 549562] Request received: Credit card billed twice was submitted this morning 4/23 after I confirmed the charges on my credit card account had been posted. I just received an email that my order has shipped - order #002022165

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Thank you! I’ll check in on this.

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Ticket 544949… I was billed four times for one order. Someone named Kayla originally responded to this but then stopped communicating and did not take care of the issue.

Thank you for looking into this!

[Wyze Ticket 549742] Request received: Double-billed for facemask order.

Order number: 002010417. Mine hasn’t shipped yet but I imagine it will take a few days.

Hello, and thanks so much for checking into this. Original ticket# 544992 and second ticket# 550159. I did want one order of the masks, but I was charged twice and no order generated, that I can see. Thanks so much!

Anyone getting any resolution on this? My customer service tickets have all been ignored. They could just reverse the charges but it’s looking like we will have to use the credit card fraud system to resolve. Such and easy fix for them to process refunds and let customers know.

Nope, haven’t heard anything and no charges have dropped nor has my order shown up in My Orders.

Wyze did refund the double charge on the credit card (Wyze Ticket 549742) . Thank you very much! However, Wyze also marked the order number 002010417 as “closed”.

So what does that mean? Does that mean that the masks will not be delivered? I have never received an email confirmation that the masks were ever shipped.

If the masks will not be delivered, then obviously Wyze will need to refund the remaining and what should have been the only charge. Do I need to submit yet another support ticket?

I have asked for clarification through the email chain associated with ticket 549742.

I apologize for my delay getting back here. I’m going to work my way down this list of folks and share information that I can see.

@alexdonaghy, looks like your ticket was solved earlier this week.

@wirthlin, I see that you were speaking with someone yesterday and have an additional question. I’ll see about drawing attention to this ticket again.

@Gromit, there’s a response on your original ticket from yesterday. I recommend confirming your shipping address for them so we can ship that replacement. :slight_smile:

My issue was resolved… thank you.


Thank you! I appreciate it.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

I have the same double charge issue and still unresolved, so any help is appreciated.
Wyze Ticket 551858]

I have the same double charge issue and still unresolved, so any help is appreciated.
Wyze Ticket 551858]

Thanks for the ticket number and sorry for my delay! I sent you a response through our support center and sent your ticket number to the team with a note.