Wyze charge credit card and cancel order?

Hi all,
I ordered the disposable masks and my credit card was charged. Now my account says order has been cancelled…anyone have Wyze charge card and cancel order?

We don’t have access to any order info here on the forum. You will need to submit at Support Request to have Wyze investigate this.

Thank you for response, I submitted a support request 6 days ago and have heard nothing from Wyze.

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Me either, quick to take your money. I will not be recommending them .

May I please have your support ticket number? We’re behind on tickets and apologize for that. I’d be happy to bring attention to yours, if you would like. We definitely want to resolve this issue for you as well.

Hi Gwendolyn,

Thanks for reaching out. You have always been a responsive and transparent member on the forum. The Ticket is 554006. I did receive a response on May 3, however it was unsatisfactory, did not help at all, and felt dismissive. You’ll see Jennifer’s response confirmed my order was cancelled by Wyze, but did not address the fact that Wyze charged my credit card anyway. She told me to contact my bank, and when I did they confirmed the charge was made by Wyze. Disappointing To say the least to be charged for an order I won’t receive. I know you were not involved in any of this, thank you for reaching out to me.



My ticket number is 563328 ordered on 4/21, and credit card charged. I have not heard anything about shipping or a refund. I wish I knew this was going to an issue I would have ordered from someplace else. I understand stock runs out but stop taking orderes or payments until you know you can fulfill the order.

Patty Buchalski

Thank you for your kind words, @bret343. They made me smile! I looked into your ticket and definitely saw what you were talking about. I escalated this issue and we were able to find the glitch that prevented your refund from automatically heading your way when the order was cancelled. We manually sent the refund and you should see it in your account in a few days. Sorry for the trouble! I sent you a reply about this and closed your ticket.

@pabuch, you have a response on your ticket now. Once you reply, we’ll be able to move forward from there. We apologize for this issue to you as well.

Thank you very much! I’ll keep an eye out for the refund.
Really appreciate your help,


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You’re welcome, Bret! Happy to help. :slight_smile: