Order charged for but never received!

Wyze Ticket 565935
I placed an order back in April, my bank account was charged on April 22, but I never received the order and my account shows the order closed! I have not been able to reach anyone to fix this issue, any suggestions?

Did they give you a tracking number? If so look at that to see ware the order is. If not then I would call Wyze sometimes you can get a faster response.

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Hello @janet.harlan82 and welcome to the community.

I will try and get someone from WYZE to peek in here at your information and see if it can get straightened out. I am sorry you are experiencing these issues.

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Same here. Ordered the first set of masks on 21 APRIL, Charged for the order, with Status of closed. I saw on the support site that a status of closed means a refund has been issued. No such luck. I opened a support request 564430, only to have it closed with no attempt to contact me at all. I just opened yet another support request 586701, with screenshots, Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s a shame. Up until recently, Wyze has been amazing. I’ve tried to be patient, given the state that most of the world is in. Delays are understandable, and expected frankly. But just communicate with us. That’s not too much to ask.

There was no tracking number, it just said on my account that the order was closed.

Yes I had done previous business with Wyze with no issues. Since my order said closed they emailed me today and said that the charge was declined and that sometimes a customer will get charged, but then a refund will come though in a few days, but that is not the case, because I even had my bank double check me to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Yes more specific communication would be great.

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Thank you!

Checking in to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Are you saying that your recent order issue has been resolved and that a refund is heading your way (it takes 2-5 business days depending on the bank) or was this a previous issue, @janet.harlan82?

@cordovamiguel, I opened your support ticket and sent you a reply through there. I’m checking with more experienced folks for this issue so we can get your refund going like it was supposed to. I think you likely ran into a system error and we apologize both for that and the poor communication from our end.

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Thank you so much for looking into this for us. While it’s disappointing that we have to go to the Wyze forums to get support instead of the Wyze Support portal, I’m grateful for you monitoring the forums and offering assistance. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

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It is still in the process of being resolved, but thank you for following up on my issue.

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You’re welcome, folks. We look forward to being caught up on the ticket backlog so we can get our support service back up to where it should be. :slight_smile: