Shipping Delays and No Communication

I do not usually come to company websites looking for a place to post. But the actions of this company have been out of the ordinary.

I ordered some face masks on 04/21/2020. During the ordering process there was no notification that there was a problem in delivering these items. Wyze took the money for the items and I looked for a date for delivery. Every company has this as part of their system, but Wyze did not and would not provide a delivery date.

Still no word as to what is going on with my order. But to make it worse, Wyze actually puts out a post stating that “We’re all caught up on orders now!”,

Uh? I don’t have my order. I don’t have a delivery date for my order. Yet Wyze says they are “caught up.”


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Companies that I order from online - they don’t charge my card until product ships.

I know, doesn’t help your situation … have you called Wyze sales ??

Have you contacted our customer support team? If so, may I please have your support ticket number?

Wyze Customer Support

We have the shipping information on our website prior to purchase but I’ll tell the team that we should see if we’re able to have it catch attention more effectively. We apologize for the difficulty with your order.

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Just to backup what @Tree said, when I placed my order there was nothing about shipping delays, it said quite the opposite. The receipt says nothing about shipping delays. I contacted support three times, no response. The order says shipped 4/21, which obviously is not correct, and delivery times of up to a week. Our company has been in business since 1954, and we would not have made it to 1955 had we ignored our customers.

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I think when you ordered the original entry on the Wyze store said something like order received in 1-3 days or something to that effect. That seemed misleading, so they later added once the order is received delivery may take another 7-10 days? (I think another company actually delivers the order).

Since then they put both of those timeframes on the order page, and today they actually just say the order will take 21-28 days (obviously these are still hard to get).

In any case, I ordered around the same time as you, and I have my masks now. Do you have yours, or can you provide Gwen with a support ticket number so she can expedite? She has the ability to explain where your order is, or boost it in some circumstances if it is taking too long.

Thanks for the reply @Newshound. I have support tickets, Wyze Ticket 557713 and 555456. In one of those it still says shipping 1 to 3 days. But, maybe I’ll get somewhere posting them here. Thanks for the tip.

I used your support tab in the bottom right of the page. Did not get a support ticket. Looked for a phone number to call, you don’t have one.
My order # is 002027610, and was placed on 04/21/2020.

No contact, no email, no communication at all from anyone in Wyze.

I also ordered on 4/21 when it stated shipping in 1-3 days. Received order confirmation email but nothing since and order status still shows Processing. Order #001972257 , Wyze Ticket 556718 and it has definitely not shipped yet since I get notification from UPS, FedEx, and USPS of any incoming shipments. I’d appreciate your support in getting my order shipped asap! I don’t want to get involved with disputing the charge and just want to receive my order which I paid for. Thanks in advance for your kind support!

Hoping to get a response today with an update on my order status and shipping confirmation. TIA! Details in my previous post linked here for reference…

@WyzeGwendolyn - On another thread they suggested to include reference to support person so they’d be aware of the post. Please let me know when my order will ship, details in my posts above. (Order #001972257 , Wyze Ticket 556718 still shows Processing and hasn’t shipped.) TIA

@Wherearethey, I just checked on your ticket and it looks like your order may have arrived since you posted. Is that correct?

@Tree, there are a couple different phone numbers you can use for us. One is listed if you search on Google but we prefer this one:


I sent @billk1 and @Tree’s order numbers to the team to see what’s up but we may not hear back until tomorrow.

Yes, I posted on another thread. My order came via FedEx on Saturday. Just for those wondering, I never received any tracking info prior to delivery.

Thank you for checking.

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Thanks for your effort in helping to track down my order status, @WyzeGwendolyn. Much appreciated!

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@WyzeGwendolyn Would you mind checking on the status of my order as well? Order # 001870200

I ordered on April 17th, and the order status says shipped, but I have yet to receive a tracking number. According to Fedex informed delivery, I did have a package that was expected from a retailer I wasn’t familiar with, but it is in the process of getting returned to the sender because it incorrectly could not be delivered properly.

I have been trying to reach out to customer service to try to see the status of my order and if it is the one I was expecting thru fedex/usps, to fix it.

Greatly appreciated!

@WyzeGwendolyn - I just received a new order confirmation email for “Disposable Face Masks Lost Replacement”, so my account now shows two orders both in the Processing state. Hopefully this shipment will be expedited and not go to the end of the line with other new orders. At least I see that someone at Wyze is working on getting me the product and hopefully I’ll see it soon. Thanks again! :smiley:

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Same here. They gave me a ticket number but never responded. They also never said it will take up to 10 business days. They clearly inflated the price of the masks but to misinform and ignore the customer is unforgivable. Zero integrity. The masks finally arrived today…through the USPS. I will never, ever order anything from this company again…and will spread the word.

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Add me to the list of people who have had no communication since the order. The web site was miserable on April 21st, took multiple tries to get an order through. Finally got one to register, but was billed three times. Order shows as “closed” on web site (order 002008011); still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation, nothing has arrived, and no response to either of the two tickets submitted (563777, 573739).
What a bloody mess. I’ve called the credit card company about the two duplicate bills, but have yet to dispute the third in hope something will arrive, but not feeling really confident at this point. Good cameras, but boy has the customer service here s**t the bed.

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@Wherearethey, I’m glad to hear that your order has arrived. :slight_smile:

@billk1, I received confirmation of your replacement order but you beat me to it! :smiley:

@Tree, I’m told that you requested a refund and it has been issued.

@skimita, in this case, I think you’re going to need to work with the support team because we may need to adjust something. I’d recommend calling our support team for the quickest resolution:


@karphi, we apologize for the experience you had with us. Costs for masks have gone up due to high demand and low supply with the pandemic and we’re keeping with our values of selling products with low margins. But we definitely didn’t mean to misinform or ignore customers. We’re sorry and I’ll share your feedback with the team.

@stewlevine, I’ll send your ticket numbers to the team to see if I can get them moving. Thank you for posting and sorry for the difficulty with your order.


@WyzeGwendolyn - Yes, I see a new order was created and is now awaiting shipment. So long as we are now square with the payment processor so that we have one payment for one order, we’ll be set.

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Great! I am glad to hear it. :slight_smile: