Face Masks not shipped - Ordered on 4/16


I ordered the Face Masks on 04/16. Not shipped yet and didn’t receive any shipping tracking number. Any idea when it will be shipped ? Thanks… !

Hello @c.g.abhilash and welcome to the community.

WYZE has had some issues with their shipping partners and getting updated tracking numbers. There is a thread they have been updating with the issues which I have linked below. While it does not directly address the masks they fall under the same issues being experienced with other products.


I placed my order on 4-22 and was charged but when I check on the order status at the Wyze site there are no orders listed as pending. I have not received any reply back from customer service after I emailed them last week.

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Sorry to read this. I ordered the same Face Masks on 04/21 and have not heard anything about ship time either.
To me is seems like the fair thing, knowing that shipping is way behind, is to make this information available at the time of purchase. That way the customer would be able to make a choice as to whether they wish to wait (would only be helpful if the ship time was accurate). As of now, Wyze invoiced me immediately, and that has been the end of all communication.


Most companies only collect payment upon successful shipping

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I ordered on 4/21, have not receive any updates yet, though payments been processed?

Just as a point of information, I ordered the supposedly better “KN95” masks directly from the same source company (iHealth) on 4/18 and I received them today. I appreciate Wyze effectively vetting them for me. Crazy expensive though.

I read all the posts daily and one factor that surfaces numerous times Every day is that of communication between either Wyze or its partners and the customer base. Confusion in this area is much more damaging to a company than hardware/firmware issues which can be fixed. Until such time as the Company adds dedicated staff to address the issue of prompt, ontime and accurate responses to customer queries, their reputation will suffer and growth will be stifled. Wyze, this is important !!!

Fwiw … I ordered my face masks on Tue, 4/21 … received confirmation/tracking email from Wyze on Fri, 4/24 … FedEx SmartPost … masks scheduled to arrive on Wed, 4/29 (2 days from now).

I also ordered face masks on April 17th and the status says “Shipped”. I have not received them and i have to go to the hospital on Thursday and planned to mask up for safety. Any suggestions??

I ordered my mask on 4/16 and not only have I not received the order or the product, I don’t even have a tracking number.

I am selling my house and moving cross country and really needed the masks for my cross country trip. If the masks do not reach me by 4/30 then I will never get it anyway due to my move. I hope I get a full refund on this . Very disappointed as I initially had more faith in WYZE as a brand and was hoping that unlike all the other fly by night operators who were selling masks on the web at least WYZE would be more responsible. Their customer service agents were great though albeit there was nothing they could do either due to their logistics screw up.

UPDATE: I finally got it on 4/28. :ok_hand: :+1:

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Same thing here. Ordered, paid for and nothing. Not sure if you’ve had a support ticket submitted but now even that has disappeared. Their support ticketing system is gone from the dashboard. Even more disgraceful than not receiving any updates on the order is the fact that they simply ignore their customers.

same here, order number 001991736 says shipped but I don’t have tracking info.


We’ve all been reaching out to her… We were told she ran out of them. We know she’s been busy lately. Since you have a closer relationship to her than any of us, please do let her know we are in dire need of them. Thank You for bringing it up.

Best wishes,
All of us.

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I just looked and my order is still there. However, it says the order status is “Closed”. Does this mean it is no longer pending and waiting to be shipped, or that it is closed and I should be getting a refund?

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Ordered mine on 4/16 as well. No tracking and no order confirmation but I’ve been charged. Contacted customer support. It’s been 48 hours. If I don’t hear back I’m contacting my CC tomorrow. Anyone else having this issue as well?

Most probably realize this but the masks Wyze is selling are very basic surgical / dust masks style, usually 15 cents a piece at CVS/Walmart, etc. There’s a long thread at Slickdeals that I read before finally deciding to go straight to the manufacturer for the supposedly better “KN95” model.

My point is that there’s no great loss in your delayed/canceled orders as you’ll get roughly equivalent protection from a scarf/t-shirt or two until they arrive. Anyway, good luck on your orders and best of health to everyone. Please stay safe amid the spring fever…

I really hope you get them in tomorrow. From my experience, I don’t go by what Wyze says the shipping date is. I go by what FedEx smartpost in their app says. Up until the day I got my scale it said delivery date unknown, and took 14 days from when Wyze shipping information said it would be. Good luck.

I also ordered my masks on 4/22. I got a order number and was charged through Amazon Pay. To this day, I don’t see any indication in my order section or have I received a tracking number or any indication the package was shipped. I can wait but my current mask is getting too heavy.

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