Order Issue With Masks Not Being Included

I don’t appreciate getting an email to buy masks and I didn’t even get mine. I ordered 3 things.

One set of Disposable Face Masks (50 count)

And two sets of KN95 Face Masks (10 count)

Order Number: 002246185

The 50 disposable face masks arrived but the KN95 were not shipped. The order shows shipped can complete. $59.98 for these items. I paid $59.98 and I have nothing to show for it. I need an update. I opened a ticket a while back and I have heard nothing. I own 3 Wyze cameras. I’d like to think I am a valued customer.

I want my masks or my money back on those two items. The disposable masks are fine and I use them.

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Welcome to the forums! Sorry this happened, hopefully it can get figured out. When did you make the order? have you seen this update on the kn95 masks from a few days ago?

What is the number that you got when you made the support ticket? Can you post it here in the thread and i’ll see what I can do to about sending that info on and get an update.

[Wyze Ticket 591367]

My order shows they shipped. That is my concern.

Thanks! I sent words off to get an update for you.

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I have a similar worry with only a partial order that I received. I ordered a few boxes at the same time on the same order. I only got 1/2 my order with one tracking number to fulfill. I was charged for the entire order - 1/2 my stuff is missing - no other tracking number exists associated with my order - status is “delivered”.

Wyze should get out of the mask business - the prices are higher than average, shipping takes 3 times as long as expected, and customers are being charged while orders are messed up everywhere. Their reputation has taken an unnecessary hit from this line.

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I absolutely agree on this! It’s disheartening to see them use masks with good intentions and horrible distribution. By their own admission they jumped in to try and sell masks without fully connecting their order processes with their supplier. I feel like their main products have been having more connectivity issues recently and I hope it’s not from putting all of their effort into fixing all of their mask shipping issues. If too many people get screwed on masks and remember Wyze for that after this pandemic there may not be enough people left to buy their true products later.

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Wyze apparently did extend themselves pretty far with trying to respond to the Covid crisis in a way to help. However, my.understanding is that they have added significant numbers of support people and changed distribution processes.
My own experience was disappointing earlier - I ordered the initial masks and they took almost a month to arrive. I had problems with bad Motion Sensors and it took a seemingly long time to resolve them.
However, it the last 2-3 weeks I have had two phone discussions with support within 5 minutes of placing the call which resulted in replacement products within a few days and have ordered a cam and bulb which arrived within a week, so I hope things are on the mend.

I can’t tell you how much I agree with your comment. I find the mental gymnastics of it all very difficult. I appreciate the fact that Wyze tries to offer it’s consumers a gateway into buying protective gear, but the manufacturer and distributor’s “good faith” in delivery comes into question. Wyze is guilty by association, and bears some responsibility - not sure how the mask makers were “vetted”, but it may need additional considerations.

The issue I have as a customer is that I love “WYZE” products. Unlike these masks, you can see an attempt at quality + value + function and it is a win for us consumers with a traditional true “Wyze” product. I want to support them, but they need to be careful who they affiliate themselves with. I’d hate to see the good reputation and name brand recognition associated with their quality become tarnished by aligning with 3rd party companies who don’t provide the same beliefs and quality, and care mostly about profits. Wyze should protect their loyal customers by not allowing their fan and customer base become victims of shady practices from 3rd parties who would like nothing more than to take advantage of our loyalty and faith in Wyze brand or approved items (for sale on Wyze based apps or sites).

What could happen, is after a few of these “gotcha” purchases where the Wyze faithful feel ripped off, they will lose faith in Wyze and their products. I have a hard time disassociating a bad experience from Wyze while I know it’s not a “Wyze” product, but I bought it on their site or app, but all the Wyze products I traditionally buy, I love and enjoy. My advice to Wyze? Wyze, keep the wolves away from your customer base, if they can’t share your traditions with quality and functionality - take a hard pass, it’s not worth losing us.

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Unfortunately. I have experienced a significant issue with the Wyze Sense products for the last week, I am unable to add/reconnect any sensors to one of the three bridges I have. It took three calls and three emails to get a replacement of the bridge in question.

Wyze just shipped the replacement bridge today, and that tainted an otherwise great experience working with the various wizards on the issue, Unfortunately, the issue remains unresolved, and I believe that the core cause is actually a problem in the IOT backend, but the support team has certainly worked the debugging process.

It does not reflect well on the organization as a whole when parts of the overall process cause unnecessary delays and failures to execute.

I hope your post is accurate on the additional personnel being hired and deployed, as a transactional process is never complete until all steps are finished.

I have long regarded Wyze as exemplary in their desire to succeed through continual improvement, whether on a product level, or a process level, but I am seeing a significant increase in similar complaints.

I hope that the C-Suite is fully engaged in resolving these issues. Covid threw everyone for a loop, but I know of approximately 26 million recently unemployed Americans that would certainly appreciate the opportunity to provide the staffing needed to resolve these issues.

I apologize for the issues, I will get these numbers over to someone at WYZE and see if we can get some answers. Currently it is after hours on a holiday weekend, so it could be a few days, if any status changes please let me know.

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry about my delay here and am finally getting to the threads that have stacked up.

@kevinwellard, I see that you already had a replacement order sent to you a while back. I’m glad that you didn’t have to wait for me on that.

For everyone else, I’ll share your feedback with the team.