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Hello there,

On April 30th I ordered 1 pack of regular mask and 2 packs of N95 masks. Today I got received my package but inside is ONLY 1 pack and regular mask and 2 packs of N95 is missing. In order tracking showing both delivered. Could you please check on this? Why I didn’t get N95 masks which I paid more than $60 for it???

Order#: 002242366

The masks are usually sent separately from different warehouses. In this case, I’d recommend opening up a customer support ticket so we can check on that. My bet is that your other order will show up in the next day but opening a ticket now will save time if that isn’t the case.

Wyze Customer Support

I already opened customer support ticket but no one replied yet

Ticket#: 578361

I hope you are right and I receive it soon

Any updated on this???Is anyone looking into my issue? You’ve got my money and just disappeared… that’s how you do business???

Just know in this situation, people are in needs of masks and you get orders, take money then saying the order shipped and delivered when no delivery at all to customer and just disappeared.

Please someone get back to me in this. If you can send my order you should refund me ASAP

I am sorry you have not heard beck from anyone, I will try to get eyes on this thread again today.

I sent you messages through the support center and in our direct message with your new order number. I’m sorry that your masks didn’t arrive as expected.

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Thanks so much!

You are very helpful, Gwen

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I have the exact same issue. I show 1 tracking number for both the disposable and the kn-95 mask and the order shows shipped complete but I did not receive the kn-95 masks. I contacted support nearly a week ago with no reply. I need these masks urgently. My order was placed May 1st.

I finally got a hold customer service. The kn-95 are and have been on back order since the first of the month. Wyze did not notify any customers of the back order and they don’t know when the kn-95 masks will be available. I don’t understand why I have to call the company to find out where my order is and then to be told there is no inventory. I ordered the masks the same day I got the email that said they were available. The noticed said: *KN95 masks and thermometers available to ship now. Disposable masks have limited inventory, but more are on the way. Please note shipping times at checkout. I received the disposible masks but not the kn-95 masks. They took my money and didn’t really have the inventory to ship to me. Very poor customer experience.

Welcome to the forums! Sorry your having this issue! Have you seen this shipping update thread? There is a section for kn95 masks that gives some information about their status as of the 12th.

When you spoke with CS, did your order get worked out?

Omgitstony - thanks for the link. The fact that this was posted May 12 and my order was processed on May 1st is a bit late. The live customer service person just told me they ran out of inventory due to high demand and he couldn’t tell me when they would have inventory so I wouldn’t count on this message stating after May 17th (today). If they didn’t have inventory on May 4th, they should have notified all consumers so we could find other options. My wife works retail and has to go back to work this Thursday. I counted on those masks being here for her. I now have to scramble to find an alternative but there is nothing else available until late May or June. I shouldn’t have to check a forum to find out my order can’t be filled and I’ve wasted 18 days. Now wife will be at risk in her job. Wyze needs to improve their customer service response or just stick to cameras .