Missing items, no response to inquiries

I realize you are busy, but this is probably the 4th time I have asked about this and received no reply. So thought maybe I should post it on the forum, as nothing else has worked.

I am missing items from 2 orders. The missing items are the KN95 masks. Yes, I have tried to send a note to Support for an answer … probably 4 times now and I don’t get any answer or even an email stating they received my inquiry.

The order numbers are 002227660 and 002224600.

I have receive no indication of a backorder and all shipping confirmations show that ALL of the order is being shipped. The other items in both of the orders have been shipped and received,

We have paid for the items and would like to know where they are. Can someone please help me?


The missing items are the KN95 masks.
Can someone please help me?

Hi, @jamarose! Do you have your support ticket number from the support email?

@WyzeGwendolyn will need it so they can look into this issue for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i never received any support ticket number for any of my inquiries. I put them in through the customer support link and clicked submit email or something like that. How am I supposed to submit an issue?

It was actually “contact support” that I clicked. Just sent another!

Just for giggles, I just tried to create a support ticket the usual way. Nothing major I have a Sense Bridge that keeps going offline. But when I finished the ticket I received no email, no ticket number nothing. No error message either. I wonder if something is wrong with the ticket service?

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Going thru the exact annoying problem with order shipped w/o n95 mask. Bull ST.

I will get someone from WYZE to look at this thread and get you all some answers, I am sorry you are running into these issues.

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Well, I won’t hold my breath Jason. I’ve tried 6 unsuccess times no reply. It is very frustrating especially when they have everyone’s money.

Thank you though for your concern and hopefully help.

Tom Lykowski

WYZE order #


FedEx tracking#


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Sounds like they are having issues on the Wyze end. That’s certainly not the normal. :grimacing:

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Oh, that is really weird because usually you will get an email with a support ticket. Wyze must be having some issues so we will get a Wyze employee in this thread as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: More Information From Wyze


I am thinking the same thing. Should be a quick fix.

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Please help!

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Thank you! Gwendolyn will check on this as soon as possible.


@jamarose, thank you for your patience. I processed replacements (and verified that they’re going to the different addresses). Your order numbers are 002516329 and 002516296.

@Tlykowskiadvmas, sorry about that! I processed you a replacement for your KN95 masks in order 002252248.


Ok, please keep me informed so I know the delivery date. Kinda sounds like a May 17th date, right?
Tom Lykowski

@WyzeGwendolyn does it again. thank you for doing all that you do…


I have not had an email or any info about my order on May 1st that was supposed to ship within 3 days they were the kn95 masks order number
Dianne Thomas
please advise my neighbor ordered them as well and has the same issues

Order number > # 002279968. Ordered on May 1st. When can I expect?

For those still having issues I apologize and will get someone from WYZE to look into them soon

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