Order Missing

Does anyone from Wyze officially look on here?
I placed an order (002453323) on May 12th but nothing has been received so far.
Just wondering how best to get it looked in to?

Thanks all.

There are people from WYZE that look in here from time to time, I will get someone to look in on this and hopefully get you a response. Usually the best place will be support, but they were backed up for a bit.

Thanks, I’ve added a ticket.

Post your ticket number here also. It will help @WyzeGwendolyn track your order.

Thank you @angus.black.
Order number is 002453323, and helpdesk ticket number is 613552.

Wyze refunded my money today, so I guess that means that I’m not getting my lock and scale then.
Bit crap that they didn’t even respond to my message.

I’m afraid that I’m now falling into the “Wyze failed experiment” camp. Has anyone had any experience with trying to return items they bought a while ago? I have invested in the google ecosystem, so the promise of these items working with that was what made me go down the Wyze route.

Notified today that I will be getting a refund for an order that was placed over a month ago. this, after I inquired as to when I could expect my order.
after being notified via email that it would be shipped, 6 days later I get email telling me order was cancelled and refund will be forthcoming. smh

Wyze team, i have placed an orderon may 3 for KN95 masks with free bulb, got free bulb delivered but not masks, but the order status says its delivered.Here is my order number 002324611. It’s been a month and i have opened two support tickets but no response yet. please refund my amount.

We apologize for the poor communication about the cancellations. We’re working on ways to catch system issues that led to these earlier and improve communication.

@mmouni1749, I checked on the missing part of your order and it looks like that got returned to the sender for an incorrect address. Given that your bulb arrived, I am not sure what happened there. I processed a refund for you and you should see it in 3-5 business days depending on your bank.