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I received my first package from wyze it was supposed to have 3 cameras 3 mounting kits, 4 lights, a sense kit, 4 door sensors, 2 plugs and a motion sensor. Well all I got was my cameras their mounting kit and the 2 plugs everything else is missing. This is a really terrible first experience. To top it off they have yet to reply to me contacting them and they don’t do phone contact.

Does anyone have experience with this? How long does it normally take for them to fix it?

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Hello @Zangetsutensho13 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are dealing with this issue. I have not had to deal with an issue like this myself so I do not know what the normal length of time it usually takes. This is primarily a user to user community but I can tag @WyzeGwendolyn who is an employee (you can tell this due to the username being preceded by WYZE) and they may be able to help out.

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Sorry for my delay here! And super sorry to hear that this was your experience. Have you been in contact with our customer support team since you posted?

We have a couple of different phone numbers you can use for getting in touch with our team. Here’s one of them in case this hasn’t been resolved yet:


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Hello Gwen,

I received my order today and it is missing a majority of the items I ordered. My ticket number is 1157184. Any chance you could assist.

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Welcome to the forums! What did you order and what didn’t arrive? If you log in on the Wyze website and check your orders, does it say that all was shipped or partial order was shipped? When did you make the order?

Also I don’t know if you meant to or not, but your post has some personal info in it that you may want to remove.

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My order was placed on April 3rd. On the order page it says all items have shipped and been delivered.

I received 1 Wyze cam v3, 1 Wyze cam mounting kit V1/V2 (WYZECMK) and 1 Wyze cam pan mounting kit. Basically 2 mounting kits and a camera.

The items that did not ship include 2 outdoor smart plugs, one set of 2 indoor smart plugs, 1 sprinkler control, 1 window mount for Wyze cam v3, and 1 spotlight kit for Wyze cam V3.

Is there a way to issue a refund for the items that did not ship and I can just place a new order?

I can send a picture of the box that it shipped in if it helps. It is too small to fit all the items.

Yep, I received my first package, missing 6 entry sensors and the doorbell camera, and they basically told me they were sorry, but too bad and all the customer service person did was raise his voice and talk over me. It was terrible!