Order missing..no communication from Wyze!

My order #002411953 is missing and after five support tickets there is NO contact from Wyze! If no response, I will have to contact my credit card company to report fraud against Wyze Labs.

I am sorry you are having this issue, I will get someone from WYZE to look into this for you

OK Jason, let me know.

Just what I thought, no answers from Wyze. [mod edit] calling credit card company and reporting fraud. Calling local attorney generals to report internet crime against Wyze Labs.

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I apologize for my delay in getting to this post and for your lost order. I know you may have already requested a refund through your credit card company. However, I have processed order 002723314 as a replacement so that you can get the items you were waiting for. Thank you for your patience and we’re sorry for the lack of response from the support team.

My bet is that you received a bounceback and didn’t reply within the time window allotted but I would like to have a support ticket number to check on this to make sure. Would you be open to providing one to me so I can look into this?


#615732 #614099 #612859 #609078 etc…

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance.

Hi Gwendolyn,
I received my delivery today, thank you very much! I did call my credit card company and authorize payment to Wyze Labs. Good job!!!

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You’re welcome! Thank you very much for letting me know the outcome. Have a great week! :smiley: