Customer Service Non Existent

Has anyone had any issues with Customer Service? as in not being able to get ahold of them at all? I’ve been trying to reach them for over a week now and have created multiple tickets yet no reply, which is really frustrating given the fact that I haven’t received my order nor have a way of getting a refund if I cannot contact the company. I really hope this is just a “glitch” and that my issue can get resolved soon. Has anyone else had this issue?

My ticket #'s

Wyze Ticket 576675

Wyze Ticket 589014

Order #002150191

Welcome to the community.
I take it you didn’t read through the forum before posting?
Yes, there have been several posts about missing orders and non-responsive service requests.
Wyze seems to have gotten overwhelmed with orders during this pandemic.
I suspect part of the problem is people submitting several requests on the same problem, creating a larger backlog than there really is. I’m not blaming people at all, what else can you do but keep asking?

Your ticket numbers will help but post your order number if you have one.
@WyzeGwendolyn is trying to take care of these problems.

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Awesome thanks! Order #002150191

I am sorry you are experiencing issues, support has been backed up lately, I will see what I can do about steering someone from WYZE over here to look into your numbers.

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Thank you, That would be great!

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I am super sorry for my delay in getting here. I checked on your support ticket number and see that a replacement for your lost order has already been issued. We apologize for the order issue as well as our delayed responses.