Customer service/email

Since the 8th of this month I’ve been trying to get some information about my pre order that was said to ship the first of the month and I also wanted to purchase 3 more camera’s and accessories. I went to shop from the Wyze app picked 3 camera’s out but I wanted to find out which camera would be best for my need. I sent email on the 8th got response back asking order number then I was told it was delivered last month when It wasn’t to ship until this month. I responded back to email and told them that and 4 days now and no response. Still don’t know about my pre order. I figure if I let the community know maybe I can get some help. 1041026 is my ticket number. The lack of communication makes me wonder how this 24/7 is gonna be when trying to reach out to them for help.

Try chat tomorrow when they go back to work or call customer service tomorrow ( 206-339-9646 )

I will @Antonius and thanks for reaching out to me.