It has been two weeks since I paid for the camera... why are you ripping me off?

I ordered the camera two weeks ago and paid. I have not received the product and the shipping information you have given me does not track the package. I have emailed you several times and called and been on hold for 30+ minutes---- with NO response.

I am concerned that you are committing fraud. Why will NO ONE at this company speak with me???

@annemsolomon. I’m sorry to hear that. When you say that you emailed, do you mean that you submitted a support request? That is the best way to get a response from the Wyze team. If you did submit a support request, if you will post the ticket number here, I will try to get someone from Wyze to look into it. I suppose it’s possible it got lost somehow.

If you did not already submit a support request, you can do so here: Support Request.