Ripped off!

For any of you UK or guys that use MyUS shipping service, be careful as I think there is something going on there. I had long anticipated the delivery of my new outdoor Wyze camera. Had early access. Had an email that Wyze had shipped it on the 08th August and MyUS, with whom I have shipped lots of items from the US to the uk without any issues, now will not answer my emails, Instagram posts, Facebook, emails or any other correspondence with them. Their online chat is busy all day every day, They have blocked me from their/my app. When I enquired on their app it had shown the outdoor camera received by them, With a logged in reference. Once I had enquired with them, they deleted the delivery note off my account to show no deliveries and now I cannot get them to answer at all. Tried calling also. :cry:

Have you opened a support ticket?

  • Scroll down to the bottom of page
  • Contact Us
  • Choose supprt topic

Hi Wyze have delivered it so don’t think they can help. Can’t get any answer even with the delivery screenshot of them receiving it.

Regardless …I’d contact Wyze and tell them the problem you’re having…they always been very supportive !

I don’t understand the problem. Are you in the USA or Great Britain?
You received an early access outdoor camera from Wyze and then shipped it to UK via and now the shipping company lost the shipment and is unresponsive?

Hi yes. In the uk they deleted the package and blocked me on the app and will not respond. Just wanted to give anyone who is thinking of using them the heads up.
Need to ship a different way as have another Wyze package going to be shipped shortly. Will need to purchase the base unit etc again as I’ve got three single outdoor cameras on the way shortly. :tired_face:

Did you get insurance? File a claim.

Shipping insurance can be purchased for $2.99 per $100 of insured merchandise value. All shipments are automatically insured for the declared value of the item(s) unless the member opts out of insurance.

Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Claims can be filed for the declared value plus international shipping costs, if applicable. Insurance does NOT cover import duties and taxes, domestic shipping costs or damage to the manufacturer’s box/packaging., 4299 Express Lane, Sarasota, FL 34249 USA
Phone: (941) 227.4444 & (941) 538-6941 Fax: (941) 827.2985

Here is a link to the Better Business Breau Information
File a claim with the BBB and also with your bank credit card.

China & the West, US particularly, are currently at odds with each other and are currently going through a trade war. Might this have something to do with it as retaliatory attacks on supply chain operations is to be expected?

I don’t think so. My WOC was shipped from a USA address.
If you look at the BBB site there are many complaints on

Hi no insurance as never had a problem, but should have known better. “ there is never a need for insurance until there is a need for insurance. :woozy_face:
I’ve changed company and am going to re order. Thanks for your help.

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Hi raised a complaint with the BBB. Thank you. Didn’t realise they were such a bad company with so many complaints.

From what I read, all the complaints filed with the BBB for were responded to by them and resolved. I’m praying you’ll be made whole again and the new company provides better service.
Let me know how it goes w/BBB and new shipment.

Cheers thanks for your help. They have sent them the complaint, so fingers crossed. All they had to do is send it on. They had logged it in, but it’s then the cover up to go to all of those lengths to block me and delete the package just seems easier to send it!!!

Changed the address on my Wyze account, but just received an email saying it has been shipped to the old company. They must have had the old one stored somewhere. Need to get in touch with Wyze now as I’ll be several hundred dollars in the hole after this. Should have stuck with UK products I think easier to resolve. :exploding_head::tired_face:

GKU2- it was changed before they shipped. It was not Wyze’s fault and shouldn’t cost them. However this is different. So your post was not relevant then. But thanks.

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