Masks never been delivered

I ordered Masks on May 2sd and got CAHRGED and still no Masks delivered, I have been trying to get in contact with Support team, phone number you have posted is not working!!! and I sent MANY requests through your Support portal, not a single reply!!!

Hello @hananeelmir and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having issues with your order and support. I will see if i can get someone to look into this soon. It would help if you could post your order number and support info you have. That will speed it up on this end.

May I please have a support ticket number, your order number, and which phone number you’ve been trying to call, @hananeelmir? There’s a lot going on here and I definitely want to get it resolved. Sorry for the trouble!

Hi there,
The order number is 002322004.


for your help.


Hello there,
The order number is 002322004.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry I have been a bit busy but I will get these numbers to them soon.

Hello there, the order number is 002322004. I still didn’t receive anything. Thanks

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Hello! I am deeply sorry for my delay. I checked on your tracking number and it says that your masks were delivered before the end of May (after you last posted in here). Is this correct?

I have tried communicating with Wyze twice on Twitter and nothing. Put through a ticket and no response. Tried asking about the status of my order yesterday and nothing. Think it’s time to go to the Better Business Bureau.

Can you post your ticket number in the thread here please? I’ll make sure it gets sent along. Sorry your running into issues. One downside for today is it’s Sunday, and I’d say start looking tomorrow during business hours for response. Thanks in advance!

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Yes this is correct, thank you for following up, I appreciate it. Hanane

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You’re welcome, @hananeelmir! Glad to hear this was resolved.

@jnorris, I apologize for the lack of response through Twitter. We’re working on hiring more people for the Community team so that this will be less of an issue. May I please have your order number so I can check the status for you?