Never received masks but credit card charged -- need refund

I ordered masks on 4/21 and my credit card was charged that day. I have never received the masks and my order now shows as “Closed” on my Wyze account.

I have written four emails to support and no one has ever replied.

Please refund the charges to my credit card ASAP. I have received masks from another source and do not need yours at this point. I just want my money back


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I don’t think you will get this resolved on the community forum you need to fill out a service request and call customer service. You can also try posting your order number to @UserCustomerGwen in the missing order topic.

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I’ll try Gwendolyn. Thanks for the tip

I’ve written wizen customer service four times and opened tickets. they just ignore them and no one ever replies

I will get someone from WYZE to look in here (most likely Monday) and see if they can get this taken care of @john.c.keller. Do you have an order number or support ticket number to get them started.

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Popped by per Jason’s request but I don’t see an order number here. If it was sent to me elsewhere, I’ll catch it there. :slight_smile:

Thanks all… I was able to get this sorted via the 800 number. All good now and really appreciate everyone’s help to get me pointed in the right direction!