Hello, was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I ordered the non-surgical masks on April 21. My credit card was charged, it showed on my Wyze account order page that the masks were ordered. I never got any email confirmation that they were ordered, but they did note they were ordered on my Wyze account page. Days went by, nothing, nothing, still noted ordered on my Wyze account page, then, poof like that my order noted CLOSED on my Wyze account page. What?!?! After doing some research on the Wyze webpage, if it says CLOSED, that means you’re getting a refund, well I haven’t received my refund yet, and to add insult to injury, I just got another email from Wyze that they’re still peddlin’ the masks that I ordered on April 21, So what the hell?!?! Why didn’t I get my masks, and if my order was CLOSED, why the hell are you still selling masks when I never got mine. What the hell?!?! EXTREMELY disappointed with Wyze. I did email Wyze a few days ago to ask what is going on, I did get an auto generated message, blah, blah, blah, so they did receive that email, so we shall see how this all shakes out. I’d prefer to get the masks I ordered on April 21, rather than get my money back. We shall see, but I’m not optimistic. Again, very disappointed from Wyze, up to this point they’ve been decent. Thanks.

This type of item is selling out in hours. Not clear that Wyze has a guaranteed amount they can sell or not, so they may sell until the vendor says no more. In any case, the pandemic products offered by Wyze rotate as they can find new sources, so maybe what is offered now is slightly different that what you bought. I know they originally offered 50-packs of surgical masks, then rotated to 10-packs of the more protective KN-95 masks, and now are offering 20-packs of those.

If they cancel your original order be sure to sign up for the latest, as these things are selling out fast.

I thank Wyze for providing this service, as masks are hard to find at a reasonable price ATM. Heck, I couldn’t even find a standard thermometer at my local Walmart, and the no-touch thermometer they offer here can be used on anyone who comes to your door.

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I had the exact thing happen to me on my account. Money taken out of my bank account and whe looking at status in my wyze app… order status says “Closed” I tried to file an. Email complaint and the response says I can’t reply to a closed account! I spoke to customer service and they tell me… they are working on it, I have asked to have my money refunded… I don’t need the frustration and hassle. Life is tough enough dealing with the stress of Coronavirus. Just send me my money back… that is all I am asking.

EXACTLY the same thing has happened to me! I’m also waiting for a reply. I don’t understand why they’re offering the masks again when the can’t deal with earlier orders.