Mask Ordered on 4/21, but the order shows as closed without any tracking#

Please help with order# 002015022 when I can receive the shipment. The masks ordered on 4/21. I have opened the ticket [Wyze Ticket 570459] and it closed without any resolution. Please assist to ship out the masks as soon as possible and send me the tracking#. Thanks.

Hello @akak and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are experiencing issues with your order and I will try to round up someone from WYZE to look into it for you.

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Thanks, Jason21271. I still don’t have any tracking# on my order. I don’t have any reply from the support ticket either, but I have received to provide feedback as below. Would you please assist to ship out the masks that I ordered?

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I apologize for my delay getting back here. It looks like the order was closed but the refund didn’t automatically go back to your account like it was supposed to. I’m asking for someone with deeper access than I have to help out. Once they process the refund, it should reach your account in 2-5 business days. We’re sorry for the difficulty.


Yep, this exact same thing happened to me - not just for one order, but to 4 out of 5 orders I’ve placed over the past month.

I’m still waiting for someone from Wyze to address my situation and finally send me all my orders or refund me.

Terrible customer service.

Gwendolyn is altruistic … !!!