Limited Time Offer Face Masks email

Don’t even try to order them through as once again site is down for maintenance.

Nice one Wyze.

Bet I can order the disposable ones thru Amazon with no issue.

Unfortunately you also advertised the surgical and kn95 through your own site only.

Starting to question business practices.

Updates that aren’t really fixing issues without creating others.

Unannounced maintenance outages. Really!!!

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yea why send an email about masks being on sale and your “shopping cart” is not working. is this some kind of sick joke?

this is the response i got from wyze:

“Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m Khelvin, your Wyze wizard for today! I hope you’re doing well. We appreciate your patience and would like to apologize for the inconvenience regarding this issue. I could see how experiencing this issue could affect your overall experience in Wyze. No worries, I’m glad to help you with this.
I understand that your having issues placing an order in the Wyze Site, please be informed that the checking out option in the site is down you can try placing the order later.
I hope this helps. If you still need more assistance regarding Wyze, please don’t hesitate to contact us again and we’ll be more than happy to assist you the best as we can.
Please stay safe and take care always”

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4 days ago I ordered the KN95 masks at $19.99 plus $5 shipping, now they come on sale and I cannot even log in to check the status of my order and attempt to cancel it. There has been no notice of shipping, although the other items I ordered at the same time have arrived. What’s up Wyze? I’m feeling punked.

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I gave up on ordering them from Wyze. I couldn’t even log in to the forum just now. I got a 10 pack for $14 from Amazon.

My problem is that I already ordered from Wyze at double the current sale price plus shipping and I cannot even log in to my accout to attempt a cancellation. Very frustrating.

Hum ?

Jeepers, did Wyze run out on the sale of KN95 masks already ?
Only Surgical Masks 50 cnt available … careful (click bait) they used the KN95 picture instead … :upside_down_face:

Careful bait and switch going on here.

The surgical masks ARE NOT the ones on Amazon.

They only have the 3 ply disposable NOT the surgical masks.

Nice job WYZE.

Another check mark against future business with you. Sorry been a customer since 2019.

Have supported you for several years. Made many referrals but lately your business practices have become suspect.

When did 2 years become several? whoa

My login did not work either - very disappointing.

The only upside is that is it not “totally” a standard response.

Obviously time is irrelevant to you BUT it is also investments within that time.


Wyze seem to have updated the site.
I ordered our supply of KN95 mask with no issues …so far. :+1:

Why are people ordering thru Wyze and not Amazon? I got the email from Wyze about the sale on Face Masks and clicked the link which took me to Amazon. I ordered 3 boxes @ $9.99 each on Thursday, September 17th and they arrived to my home on Friday, September 18th.

When I got the masks I checked them out and they are really well made. The elastic loops are firmly attached to the mask. Solid deal.

Because they masks on Amazon are the 3 ply.
The masks through Wyze are the surgical masks.
Although they look alike there is a difference.

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In late August on Amazon those masks when down to $4.29 for 50.

@mtmssgt0 is also correct on that.

But I’ve done both Wyze and Amazon …but Amazon is easier to monitor price drops with Camel Camel Camel ! :wink:


Thanks Wyze, I received my order of 10 packs of KN95 mask at $9.99 each in 4 days !
We love them :+1::blush:


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