Update on Wyze In Response Orders & Shipping (May 12, 2020)

Thanks for the update. I placed an order 002226079 on 4/30/20 for the KN95 masks and had received notification about then that the order was shipped. However, I’ve never received anything and the tracking was never updated. Just want to let you know so that this order doesn’t fall through the cracks. I still want them.

We understand that there is an urgent need for Wyze In Response products. We made changes mid-way through last week to upgrade shipping for all Wyze In Response orders to USPS First Class (1-3 business days). Previously, we were shipping Fedex SmartPost.

Wait, This was posted May 12th 2020, I ordered on May 11th 2020, You say for the last week you were upgrading to USPS First Class, then why the HECK was my order sent FedEX Smartpost? What is going on over there? I was prepared for my order to be here today, but now it is being delivered to my local USPS thanks to you sending it by FEDEX Stupidpost. And now I will wait 2-4 more days for it.

So my question is if you have been “upgrading” for the past week, then why on the 11th was my order shipped the really crappy way ??? (you guys need to DUMP FedEX all together)

It would have been in my better interest to have paid the inflated prices on Amazon instead. Sure I wouldn’t have gotten some free light bulbs, but I would have saved money in shipping and I would have gotten my product 2-5 days AGO.

I know the ODDS of you being caught in this lie about changing your shipping options mid way through last week (Prior to may 12th) were probably a million to one, but hello! I am that one, you still sent my package via dumbpost.

Wyze Ticket 597926

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All of you at wyze are doing an outstanding job with your products, orders, and shipping. For those who have had trouble, I would think the product preformance and you reaching out to communicate to all of us would out weighs any inconvenience to customers…something that all growing and great companies like Wyze will encounter.


@WyzeGwendolyn order # 002183623 - I must admit I am quite frustrated as I have sent multiple messages through customer support regarding my untraceable package and have yet to hear back from anyone. Please provide an update ASAP. My delivery is three weeks later than the date I was quoted, with no explanation or delivery update. Thank you, Becky

Order 001682073
Have not received the iHealth No-Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer.
Order Date: April 8, 2020
Amazon Pay
April 10, 2020 at 6:19 am
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

Hi all - I’ve updated my initial post to say that all KN95 backorders have started shipping out as of this weekend and we have additional inventory on-hand. You will start to receive shipping confirmation emails with tracking details in the next few days. Thank you all again for your patience!



Can I get an order status update on my KN95 masks? Order: 002282023
It has just waffled back and forth between “backordered” and “processing” over the past almost 3 weeks.

Need help @WyzeGwendolyn
Order # 002034165
Order # 002034153
Ordered and card charged on 4/21 but still haven’t received anything and order status has only show processing online and payment review in the app.
I would prefer to have the order cancelled and my credit card refunded.
Most recent ticket # 595801 requesting help. Previous one was apparently closed.
Thank you

Those of you that still have issues I will get the information over to Gwendolyn so they can look into these, thank you for your patience


This would have been so much more helpful as an email. I am glad to have found it but it comes weeks(nearly a month) after my order and frustrations with trying to get assistance. I never used the community pages until my frustration drove me here to try to find answers. I am all for second chances and I really do want the items I ordered. I even need to order more smart bulbs.
Out of my frustration, I left 1-star reviews in an attempt to reach anyone about this issue. If we can find a resolution I will adjust the reviews accordingly. 1) Items received review edited to reflect item experience 2) refund received review deleted.
@WyzeGwendolyn if you could please assist me with order #002042802 I would greatly appreciate it. I would still like the order if that is possible. Also, has this issue been fully handled? I will need more smart bulbs and don’t want to deal with a lost order again.
Thank you.

@WyzeGwendolyn I could use some information (tracking #) on order #002034822 . Thanks.

I received my box of KN95 masks this afternoon! They are still in “Covid quarantine” though, so I have not opened them yet. I like to let mail sit for a day or too before opening it. Thanks for checking on this for me! I appreciate all your help WyzeGwendolyn!

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When will Canadians be able to order/ship from the site??

@roze, we’re sorry for the delay. Would you like for me to check on your order to see if it shipped yet? It should have gone out on Saturday. If it has run into a problem and has not shipped, I can process that refund for you.

@RoyG.Biv, your tracking number is saying that it was delivered yesterday. Is that correct?

@rlueke, I checked on your tracking number and it started updating this past weekend. I think they may have made your shipping label early. Sorry about that! It updated again today and is in transit.

@cuddybuilt, I responded to your support ticket number but I’ll put a copy of the response here to make sure you see it. I checked your order number and it looks like you hadn’t purchased the Wyze In Response items (thermometer, disposable mask, KN95 mask). These are the only orders that were upgraded to the USPS First Class delivery method. We apologize for the confusion caused by our Wyze In Response shipping update post and I’ll change the title to be more specific. We also apologize for the frustration you experienced with that shipping method and I’ll share your feedback with the team.

@BecRom, thanks for posting! Looks like your tracking stopped updating on 5/07. I’m assuming that your package is lost though we may find ourselves pleasantly surprised when it shows up later. However, I’ve processed a replacement order for you. It’s order 002559307.

@ideovideo, thanks for letting me know! I believe that order is lost so I created order 002559343 to replace it.

@wolfcorner, sorry for the waffling! I just checked on your tracking number and it says your order was delivered yesterday. Is that correct?

@RedBaron, sorry about that! I don’t have the access that is needed for this but I sent your order numbers over to someone that can get you past the review portion and send the refund. I’ll go close your ticket since I’m working on this.

@alwayscountrylivin, we are sorry about the communication and order difficulties you encountered! I checked and it looks like you ran into the closed order system problem from a bit ago. I don’t have the access to get to your refund but I requested that one of my coworkers with deeper access help out. That particular problem should not occur again and we apologize for the trouble you experienced.

@alan_erickson, our apologies! It looks like the order has been lost. I processed a replacement for you with order number 002559607.

@muerte33, wonderful! Thank you very much for letting me know. :slight_smile:

@flea, I don’t know the timeline for Canadian shipping yet but I know it’s something we’re still working on and making progress for.


Thank you for you help

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

[Wyze Ticket 599166] has my order info . Thanks. @WyzeGwendolyn

Do you realize the cancel link indicates no cancellations allowed? That is the same link I used on May 8th.

" Cancel My WYZE Masks

We now have KN95 mask in-stock and are now shipping. We are unable to cancel these orders now."

Order # 001905078
Page shows shipped on April 18 and in Packing on April 20. I had masks and a thermometer on the order. I received the masks but not the thermometer, There is nothing that mentions a backorder and no shipping tracking number. I sent messages to C/S twice, once I received a generic response and second time no response. Its OK if its backordered, I just want conformation that I will get it eventually. Thanks, Tom

I ordered masks in the initial release. They took most of a month to arrive, but I was able to track the problem to the ‘Smartpost’ process between FedEx and USPS. Wyze shipped in a timely fashion but when it was handed off between the two services a ‘delivery exception’ occurred, which I think is shipping talk for ‘’we don;’t know where it is’. Could not locate the package at all, just kept pushing out the delivery date, but it eventually did arrive.