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We welcome any all extra assistance to the Wyze Team. Maybe Maven or you Ms Gwendolyn can answer why each time a Wyze product gets shipped to me and I receive a notice from Wyze stating, “YOUR PACKAGE WILL ARRIVE TOMORROW” it never shows. Last package was 5 days later and current package is now 3 days later. Each time I call FedEx they say it is Wyze’s problem to solve. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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If he package has been shipped, Wyze has little control of it. You can contact Wyze support and see if they can help, but FedEx should be able to tell you more.
Wyze support:
By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online:


I have had similar problems with FedEx in the past from shipments from all sorts of companies (not specifically Wyze), FedEx is frustrating to deal with. As Brlepage indicated, once Wyze gives the package to FedEx, Wyze has little control over what FedEx does with it…when I have called FedEx about these issues, they refuse to help and simply say to contact the company I ordered from even though it is FedEx’s fault. Very frustrating. Sometimes they just deliver my package a week or two later than they were supposed to. Shipping industry is in a major crisis right now.

In my experience dealing with FedEx problems over the last few years I suggest waiting at least week. If I’m still having problems I then call FedEx one last time. If they tell me to call the company I ordered from again, I then do what they said and tell the company I’m sorry, I know the fault lies with FedEx, not them, but FedEx told me I had to call them about it. Each company has dealt with this in their own ways. I can’t speak for Wyze’s exact policy on this matter, but I can say I am confident they’ll make sure it gets resolved in one way or another. Some companies initiate an investigation through their FedEx contact, and others just send a replacement or who knows what else they choose to do. This is just what I choose to do…I know FedEx messes up a lot, so I wait an extra week or 2 past the original expected due date (since there are lots of shipping industry issues lately), if it still doesn’t arrive, I call FedEx one more time, then call the company I ordered from. That’s how I’ve been handling the FedEx problems lately. It’s been working pretty well…usually FedEx is just running late. Sometimes they even give my package to the post office to deliver for them when they’re overwhelmed.

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Is it FedEx or Wyze that sends me the message, “You’re package will arrive tomorrow.” ???

Thank you for your time and attention to these queries.

It’s FedEx and UPS… I had the same situation happen to me with Nike… As soon as the label was created I got an email from UPS saying my product would be arriving the next day (Nothing from Nike comes overnight). A few hours later I got an email saying it would be delayed and to check back. That was on the 12th… it’s now the 19th and my order has bounced around towns near me for 4 days… 15 min south of me… now 10 minutes north of me. I do not live in a rural area and see at minimum FedEx/UPS/Amazon drive through my neighborhood 10 times as day.

Wyze/Nike are responsible for getting the product out the door. Once it’s out the door it’s all on the carrier. The product companies integrate with the shipper systems and provide feedback on their e-com sites, but that’s it. The updates you get are coming from the carrier.

Shipping is just a mess right now… Then there is this

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As @R.Good said, FedEx and UPS send the emails or they send information to Wyze that is passed on to you(most like automatically).

Here’s another perfect example got this email (yes I have a shoe and a wyze sickness :joy:)

Click on track package

Not even shipped :thinking:

Just takes patience, the new norm is if you need it now, you need to go get it and not expect it to be delivered tomorrow or in 2 days anymore.

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No issue here. Times are tough for all these days. Would rather not receive anything at all and be surprised when it arrives. I have settled with just deleting the messages and waiting for my surprise. I come from the time of, “Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery!” Thanks

Oh yea, was reaffirming for myself… I’m with you dont give me false expectations UPs and FedEx… QVC, magazine/comic book ads, and 4-6 weeks. Amazon changed me, I want it in 2 days, but have had to relearn patience. Behavioral changes stink😂.