Wyze order/shipping problems

Does everyone have order/ shipping problems from Wyze??? I have placed 2 orders and I have had problems WITH BOTH ORDERS! What the heck. I am happy with the products WHEN OR IF I get them!!!

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I haven’t personally had any problems, what are you experiencing? Have you contacted support?

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There haven’t been many positive reports about the shipping. But, this is on the carriers, not Wyze.

I have found that, even though I have push notifications and informed delivery email set up directly in my account with the shipping carriers (FedEx, USPS), I get no notice or tracking info from the carrier until after the package is delivered and my CamPlus notifies me of the person\package. I have one package that still shows in my FedEx account as waiting at Wyze to be picked up… It was delivered weeks ago!

If your account shows a tracking number, it is on the carrier and out of Wyze’s hands.

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Same here .

When I track the order from the email Wyze sent I get directed to the wyze.narvar.com website and it says “your package is awaiting carrier pickup” yet it got delivered to me yesterday and also I signed up for updates and I didn’t get a single update from beginning to end

Very poor experience , I agree not Wyze’s fault . It is the carriers

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I am NOT convinced it’s the carriers problem! I do MOST of my shopping online, using FedEx, UPS, and USPS for more than 10 years. I have NEVER EVER had this problem with any other order from any other vendor. I had another User recommend ordering through Amazon, stating is was much less hassle. I will probably try that the next time. I have been a little concerned about possibly getting a “China knock-off” if I order from anyone other than the WYZE website. I don’t know if there is a Knock-off of the Wyze products, but there seems to be knock-offs of everything now.

Pam Ryan

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The fact that Wyze produces a tracking number means that the package label was produced thereby initiating a pickup order to the shipper, usually FedEx. The next scan that should happen is upon pickup by the carrier. The fact that there is no scan history between Wyze and the actual delivery places the responsibility onto the carrier, not Wyze.

Where Wyze has been irresponsible in this scenario is by continuing to partner with FedEx and using the bottom of the barrel SmartPost service when their delivery performance has clearly been shown as substandard. FedEx has consistently provided the worst level of service of all the carriers, never follow delivery instructions, delay packages at processing and transfer facilities for days, take twice as long to deliver, and rarely scan packages for automated updates.

If you search FedEx SmartPost on the forum, there are MANY topics discussing this and hundreds of posts asking Wyze to change shipper because of FedEx:



If you order your cams from the Wyze Store within Amazon, you will be sure to get genuine Wyze products.

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Wyze may wish to blame the carrier, FedEx, but it’s Wyze who willfully chooses to use FedEx knowing that it’s FedEx’s crap-on-a-cracker “SmartPost” service. Wyze shipments have taken two, three, four, even five WEEKS to reach me. They get to Ellenwood, Georgia, and then they sit there forever. The last thing I ordered from Wyze took 15 days to get from Ellenwood just to the next location.

Today I got an email from Wyze: "Your order shipped! In just a few days, you’ll be controlling your smart home like magic.* It’s October 2. Let’s see what Wyze thinks a “few” days is. I’m gonna guess I’ll get the shipment on October 22 (the last thing I ordered took 20 days).

I really like the door lock and cam 2’s that I bought. No so crazy about pan cam’s. But I will try to purchase from Wyze again. Next time it will be through Amazon! And hope my 3rd Wyze order goes better.

Good luck getting your order!!


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Do I know Wyze, or what?! The item is now in, ta da!, Ellenwood, Georgia.

And instead of their original “Estimated Delivery Tue Oct 4-Thu Oct 6 On Its Way” email, now it says “Estimated Delivery Thursday Oct 20 On Its Way”. On Its Way my arse. If it’s sitting in Georgia NOW, October 4, and the estimated delivery date is SIXTEEN days into the future…it is NOT “on its way”.

It’s sitting on its arse. As all Wyze products do, once they’re shipped and arrive at FedEx SmartPost’s black hole in Ellenwood.

Anyway, what did I predict in my original comment, a delivery date of October 22 for an item that was supposedly shipped on October 2? So I missed by just 2 days.

The only products I ever buy from Wyze anymore are supplies that I need to keep my existing Wyze products running, such as the vacuum supplies (that were impossible to get for months, I might add). Not a fan anymore.

I have a package I have been waiting on. Wyze created the shipping label for it and FedEx picked it up the very next morning from the Wyze warehouse. It made it all the way across the country in record time only to sit at a FedEx facility 15 miles from my house, missing the scheduled delivery date.

Yes, Wyze has made the decision to partner with the Dollar Tree of shipping carriers so that it can provide cheap shipping to users. But, you get what you pay for. Cheap is… Cheap, not always effective, productive or efficient. Just Cheap.

Is regular and predictable failure by FedEx Wyze’s fault? No.

Should Wyze partner with a more reputable carrier? Yes.

But where should these complaints be going? FedEx is the company dropping the ball. Complaints should be going there. Perhaps their User Forum… If they had one. There are also places for you to review FedEx online, the BBB, or just complain to FedEx directly like I did:

If you want Wyze to stop using FedEx, then flood this Wishlist topic with votes and posts.


The problem there, it seems to me, is that I’m not the FedEx customer. So how would FedEx attempt to resolve my problem, or even why would they? They can’t refund me my shipping cost, because I didn’t pay it.

Wyze pays them, I don’t, so I can’t see how they’d care what I have to say.

As for “cheap” and “you get what you pay for”, I’ve asked Wyze more than once to tell us WHY they use FedEx SmartPost, and what they’re saving compared to using a grown-up shipping service. No answers.

My most recent order of vacuum supplies cost me an additional $9.99 for shipping. A USPS small flat rate Priority Mail box costs about the same, and would be delivered in 3-4 days (I received here in PR a medium flat rate Priority Mail box in just TWO DAYS from Virginia). But I paid Wyze $9.99 for these replacement parts, and it’s going to take eighteen days?! (And given the weight, a larger box but not Priority Mail but just First-Class would be about the same price.)

If shipping were “free”, I’d kinda understand their use of the Dollar Tree for shipping. But I’m paying $10 and I’m getting $1’s worth of service.

The sht shipping service is FedEx; the sht product shipping management is Wyze.

I ordered a Wyze Bolt on the Wyze store within Amazon and never received an order confirmation or an order number or the item and it has been 4 days.

What did Amazon Customer Service respond with?

Do you show an active order in your Amazon Account Orders History?

Wyze also does a horrible job of telling the customer that the shipment is incomplete. They leave you completely guessing on whether or not they missed shipping you part of your order or if it is coming to you separately. Wasting your time with chatting with support and waiting for ever until the support agent hears from his/her “ordering team”, How hard is it to specify this on the packing slip? It’s called backordered or partial shipment. folks. Don’t leave the customer hanging!