Wyze Canada Store Issues

Placed a order on the new Canadian store. Couple comments.

-Please state which carrier you are using for shipping. After the ordering process I was informed my order would be shipped by FedEx. Had I known I would have given a different shipping address. Just assumed it would be delivered by Canada Post.

-Your contact feature DOES NOT work. All emails came back as bounced. Seriously…

Hello xxxx,

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (canada-store) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren’t able to post:

    • You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.*
    • The owner of the group may have removed this group.*
    • You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.*
    • This group may not be open to posting.*
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You can go into your orders and cancel it then do an update on you shipping info

Not on the Canadian site. More annoyed that the contact links do not work. Seriously, don’t they test this stuff before they go prime time.

I tryed the Canadian site I had an email from wyze and the links,contact etc work. Look Here https://ca.wyze.com/

I placed an order for the Wyze lock on Nov 19 from the Canada store and the next day I got a notification that a shipping label was created but now it’s been in that status ever since. When I tried reaching out I got that bounceback message so I reached out to their other support contacts and they just said the tracking shows ETA of Nov 30. I tried to tell them that it doesn’t show that they actually shipped the package yet because then it would show in transit, but I keep getting these replies that the tracking number shows an ETA. I also tried calling support ( a US number) and they were equally as helpful. Not sure what to do at this point, I just want them to ship the thing out the door.

Mirrors my issue, order did eventually ship, but took about 10 days after the label was created notification. Possibly in your case supply issues, but again what really annoyed me is the bounce back message. Sounds like they may have fixed it as recent?

Happy to hear that they do eventually ship. If it is a supply issue though, they really shouldn’t be creating a shipping label till they get the product itself as it can cause confusion on when the item will actually ship.
Do you know where it gets shipped from? I’m in Victoria, so if it’s coming from out east it’ll be a while!
I just tried emailing canada-store@wyze.com and it got bounced back again.

From Ottawa and via FedEx. Don’t think there is any transit issues as the date was approx a week for delivery and appears to be moving. I did receive a email notification from Wyze the items have shipped. I am in Vancouver.

p.s. If looking for Wyze cameras, they are now available in Home Depot (Canada)

They gave me a tracking number for Canada Post, which seems to be exceptionally slow right now. (There is a package sitting in Richmond for the past 8 days waiting to come to Victoria)
Hopefully they can just slap on a Fedex label to get it here. (Last year Costco had to do that as UPS wasn’t picking up packages from them due them being too busy)

Where are you finding that email address at on the website. I would like to forward this info onto Wyze.

On the order page
Screenshot 2021-12-01 224156

Thank you I am sending this info over to someone at Wyze to get it fixed

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Copy that

It’s also on the email that gets sent with the order information.

Thank you, I have passed that along also

As a side note I think it is important to identify during the ordering process which delivery carrier is used. I my case had I known it was FedEx I would have chosen a work address for delivery vs a home address. All it says is “Shipping”, just assume it was by Canada Post.

I will forward that suggestion on but I can’t guarantee anything

Is there anyone I can reach out to that has more experience with Canadian orders? Both calling and email support basically just said the tracking number exists, but they can’t tell me why my order hasn’t actually shipped…it’s been two weeks. We are leaving home in two weeks to visit family for a few weeks, so would be nice to get it before then.

That I am honestly not sure about, I know the whole Canadian store is kind of new for Wyze. I will see if I can find anything out but it may be tomorrow before I can do much checking.

Eventually support decided to create a new order and send that out, so hopefully I’ll get it soon!

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