Canadian Wyze Site Sucks - I am not going to purchase anymore Wyze products until

I can buy directly from Wyze with a complete catalog of products (not using Amazon too expensive) and you provide at least mediocre support of your products from Canada.

More and more issues with support are surfacing so I am on hold.

Unsubscribing to all your emails until you resolve the issues I identified.

But I am looking forward to purchasing from a Canadian site one day with product support.

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I read alot of complaints but, no fix. Returning mine.

When we have an issue we do a trouble ticket on the support page and we receive an case/ticket number in our email then in about 10-14 hrs we get a email from support its so simple,or you can call and stand in line

I tried doing that, got tickets, you answered a couple emails and then when I reply no return email

Keep on there ass,i had my guy replied everyday, it took 5 times to get someone to answer, the C.S. really sucks big time my owner said that if we did what they do we would not be open today.