Horrible customer service

Anyone else have a really bad experience with Wyze customer service lately? I purchased 2 new cam v3’s over a month ago and they still have not shipped. When I reached out to them after 2 weeks of no update as to why or tracking showing any movement the people over the phone and on chat can’t do anything about purchases. They say every time that a supervisor needs to reach out and it will be 24hours and someone will get back to me. Then nothing. All I hear is they are working on it. No explanation as to why or an update. Contacted them 3 times over the last 2 weeks and same thing every time. You can’t talk to anyone higher up or in the warehouse department or anything. I gave up and submitted a claim with my credit card company since they can’t provide me any explanation and also refuse to refund me and cancel my order. Asked 2 different times for them to do that and they say the same thing that they will put in a ticket or something and a supervisor will do it. Do they even have supervisors at this company? Is anyone in charge that can make decisions? I have no idea where to even discuss this besides here

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Welcome to the forums! Sorry your having all these issues. What are all the associated ticket numbers from your contacts with support? I’ll see if I can get fresh eyes on them to try and get some resolve. Thanks in advance!


I already filed a claim with my bank so not sure if anything else can be done but here are all my ticket numbers from contacting support


Order number: US-3236985

What’s dumb is they create a new ticket every time you talk to someone instead of working off the same ticket.

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Iv been in hold for over an hr there not going to pick back up (SORRY ASS COMPANY)

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You info has been sent on.

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