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I have been a long time Wyze supporter but after today’s experience with customer support I will never purchase another one of their products. I ordered the Floodlight which won’t be here for a week and received an email stating that my cam+ subscription has started. This was not an option when I purchased the floodlight so I had to accept the 30 day free trial. When I called up customer service to ask the to please not start the subscription until I receive the product, besides talking over me, not listening to my question and asking me to repeat the same answer over and over again the told me there was nothing they could do and I should call back when I get the product. Not wanting to put up with this nonsense any more I asked them to cancel my order again the said they couldn’t do that.

In the five + years I have supported you I have never been treated like this, when I asked to be transferred to someone in the US they said they couldn’t do that either. So know you have reduced yourself to customer service that is below you dignity and in the process lost a customer, Unfortunately for me I am stuck with a purchase that I don’t want because I know if I need any help I wont get it.

Shame on you Wyze your customer service used to be on par with your product quality and innovation, now you have IMHO become just like many other companies that don’t care anything about support only the sales matter


I apologize for the negative experience you received from support. Did they happen to give you a ticket number so I could follow up with them. We are always looking to do better and this looks like an area we can improve on.


No one bothered to go any further than giving me reasons they couldn’t do what I was asking.

On my initial call (rep name Janice) after getting nowhere I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 20 minutes on hold I hung up and called again. I did not give that rep my name and simply asked to speak to a supervisor, she initially resisted and kept asking me questions until I had to ask her to just do what I asked. I was on hold for 15 minutes waiting for a supervisor (she did from time to time let me know she couldn’t get a supervisor) she then said that she saw my issue was related to the cam+ subscription so since I never gave her my name or identified my problem, I assume she got the information from my phone number or she lied about her name and was actually the initial person who identified herself as Janice (she did sound very similar). Then she started in asking my name, I responded you said you knew what my problem was so if you do then you know my name, then she asked if she could have permission to call me

By my name (really!). At this point I once again asked to cancel my order and was told she couldn’t. I honestly don’t know what or why Wyze is paying for a foreign customer service company that cannot help or resolve a customer’s problem.

My reason for calling was a very simple one and, in my mind, should have never ended up like this. Today I purchased you Wyze Cam Floodlight order US-3199076 and paid via PayPal. About an hour later I received an email stating that my cam+ subscription had started, my call was to ask that this subscription not be started until I received the floodlight or at least not started until is shipped. IMO it doesn’t make sense for you to begin a subscription when your customer has no product to use with it. It used to be that when you bought a camera you were given a 30-day trial to begin when you signed up, if you kept that model, you wouldn’t have lost a customer.

Do you have good products, absolutely but that in itself is not enough at least for me. It is very likely that at some point I am going to need help, have a question, need a part or replacement and that is where the most important aspect of any business comes in. I have just spent $85.00 and based on the problems I have encountered on just the simplest of problems I have zero confidence that the support I once received from Wyze will continue with this purchase.

The last experience with contacting Wyze customer service was a little over a year ago. I had purchased your headphones and had been using them, they were way beyond being in warranty when I called in and spoke to a rep. I explained that the purpose of my call was to give you feed back about the quality issue I had with the plastic covers above each of the ear pieces as both had broke off. Your rep thanked me for give her the information, put me on hold then came back on and said that she was going to send me out a new pair of headphones. I was stunned and explained that I never expected this and it wasn’t the reason for my call, she said she understood but was going to send it out anyway. Because of her actions, I felt like I owed Wyze my loyalty after all there is nothing more important to a customer that a company standing by its products. I wish you would go back to this philosophy.

Marvin Snell

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I again apologize for the experience and I have forwarded your feedback up to the Customer Service team to be looked at.


Thanks, got a call from “Sam” after speaking with her I understood that she was going to send me an email but sadly that didn’t materialize either or maybe I misunderstood in any case me experience has not gone the way I expected from Wyze.

sorry to hear of your experience. So far customerservice has been very helpful for my orders, my product support and my questions.

I just made a post for terrible customer service. When I asked for compensation they tried to give me ten dollars for four days worth of a nightmare.

Then when I told them I was going to box up there products and send them back to them the supervisor Ella May gave me instructions for return shipping. HAHA!

Long time supporter of Wyze products (nearly every product in the last 4-5 years) with about 40 active products in my home.

I ordered three spotlights with extra cameras ($400) for my neighbor. Two showed up on Jan 31st. I tried the chat function (only real option given) to advise that only 2 showed up. WYZE, if your chat agent needs 5-15 minutes to provide simple answers, don’t use Chat. Super frustrating. In the end, I received an email that the order was split and it should be delivered still.

Jan. 2nd, I respond to the Wyze email saying it still has not shown up. He responds the next day that it was delivered.

Jan. 3rd. I try calling all the support lines. WYZE, if you don’t intend to give phone support, don’t give out phone numbers. After multiple tries, I finally get an agent through the cancellation option. Agent goes away for 8 minutes to investigate. Comes back with it was delivered. She can only file a lost order claim 3 days later. “Can I talk to a Supervisor”… no. We only escalate through email.

Wyze…this is customer DIS service. I’m not agitated by the lost package…that happens. I’m agitated for the lack of service.

Wyze Ticket 2773373

Wyze, your customers are pleading with you to fix your customer support. As I said when I initiated this thread, I (and now and I can say we) love and support your products,

Now its time for you to show the love back by supporting us with proper customer support. Showing indifference is not doing that, if you continue to ignore are pleas, well, I will leave that up to your imagination,

For my part because of my recent experiences I have slowed down on further purchases of your products (read stopped). Back in September of last year your upper management assured me that they knew of these problems and were working on fixing them, yet here we are still.

If management cant fix the problem maybe management is the problem.

Marvin Snell

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It really helps to get the ticket number so they can fix the problem.

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I am also beyond frustrated. For 5 months I have called and emailed and chatted and every time I get off the phone promises are made but no follow up and nothing happens. 90 days free monitoring? Never happened- false advertising. Broken sensor never got replaced after calls and emails. All their support are foreign and seem to not follow up or care for that matter. Their phone line disconnects because they have an issue- expect a call back? Just laugh at the time you wasted. They cancelled my monitoring without my consent. I called again yesterday with a promise of a support ticket? Think I got an email- again they are a joke.