Poor product service and customer service

Dear Wyze,

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with the abysmal level of product performance, service and customer service I have experienced as a loyal customer since 2020. It is disheartening to experience how your company has digressed to the point of failing to meet even the basic of standards of customer satisfaction and service.

First and foremost, the performance of the products I’ve purchased Cam Pan v2, Cam Outdoor v2 and Wyze lock started out with a few glitches but not intolerable and has degraded to nothing short of abysmal. Despite the promise of efficiency and reliability, I have encountered countless issues, glitches, and malfunctions that have severely hindered my ability to utilize these products effectively. It is utterly frustrating to invest my hard-earned money into a line of products that consistently fall short of their advertised capabilities.

Equally concerning is the complete lack of competent customer service provided by your company. On my recent attempt to seek assistance for the ongoing problems I have encountered, I found myself caught up in an endless loop of digital information without any resolution.

At first, the canned responses from a customer service representative who didn’t resolve anything but only directed me to submit a log. According to this representative, my issue would be escalated to the appropriate department once I submit a log. “Just keep looking in your email for a response to your submitted log.” Not what happened at all. What occurred is an endless loop of automated redirect to Wyze Services Help Center page with general tabs to pick from. What I received did nothing but exacerbate my frustration and deepen the feeling of being trapped in a customer service abyss.

Despite my attempt to escalate the issue and speak with a live customer service representative, I have been met with nothing but indifference and complete disregard for my concerns. The lack of personalized attention and genuine care for customers is simply unacceptable, and it reflects poorly on your company’s commitment to providing quality service.

As a customer, I expect to be treated with respect, understanding, and prompt resolution to my issues. It is evident that your company’s current customer service approach falls far short of meeting these basic expectations. Your customers deserve better than being trapped in a loop of digital information and impersonal responses.

I implore you to address these issues immediately and take the necessary steps to rectify the subpar performance of your products and the abysmal customer service experience. It is only through genuine efforts to improve that you can regain the trust and loyalty of dissatisfied customers like myself.

You have lost my loyal business. I’ve chosen to explore alternative options and share my disappointing experience with others.

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Firstly, you won’t get anyone from Wyze to respond here…this is a user/customer forum and not really monitored. Secondly, all the issues you raise are ongoing problems that have been taking place for years and never resolved. If you search here you will find numerous complaints about the poor technical support and with products that have issues, such as those you mentioned.

You might have better luck if you send an actual letter to Wyze headquarters…certainly better luck than you’ll probably have here.


Stoked to prove you wrong WildBill.

@vince.tarkanian, feel free to email me: mvanswol@wyze.com


Glad to see Wyze finally take an interest in the Forum and respond to things. Hasn’t happened much in the past. Perhaps things are changing.


They are.


Hey there. Earlier you mentioned that a letter to corporate might be a more productive way to get some relief . Would you happen to have that address? Thanks in advance!

It’s at the bottom of the Contact page:

8815 122nd Ave NE, Suite #201, Kirkland Washington 98033


Thank you Seapup!

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