Terrible Customer Service!

I’ve been working with Wyze customer service to fix and issue with all my V2 and Pan cameras where when they are turned on they record immediately due them emitting a pink flash. Ultimately they wanted to replace the cameras but I had to provide my purchase record, and an ID off the cameras and some other things. I have over a dozen cameras and to do this is very time consuming, plus Wyze has all this information from my account already. So to put me through all these hoops is ridiculous. And, since It’s not a hardware issue because they worked fine for over a year but since a software update all of them are having this issue, so clearly it’s a software issue. Wyze acts like they have never heard of this issue before, yet other on this forum have had the same issue as I am having.

Maybe instead of hiring customer service reps that troubleshoot using a cut/paste script approach, they should hire people with some software/hardware knowledge about their products. Oh but wait, Wyze is too busy spending funds on developing new products. So there is nothing in the budget for quality support staff.


There customer service simply “SUCKS”!!!


I feel you someone changed my 2 step verification so I can’t login. I’ve tried contacting them prob 10 times chat,email and phone call for over a week. And still have not spoken to anyone. Wyze Is turning into nothing but garbage


I have 2 outdoor cams that I can’t access or reactivate on another account because the way they set the software up they need to be removed but can’t access account . Sitting on $120 of paper weights.


They most likely need this information to make sure that the camera is a real Wyze camera and that it’s under warranty.

I don’t believe support has access to the devices connect to your account(in the app). They might be able to see your orders, it they won’t be able to look it up if you purchased it from Home Depot or Amazon so they’re probably just trying to have a standard procedure. I would suggest trying to find this information so support can help you.

You should try calling again.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Also, do you have a ticket number?


Couldn’t agree more. I purchased the vacuum. It is my first and last Wyze purchase.


I’ll try on Monday I guess. Thanks for the help I’ve already wasted so much time in the past 10 days. I’m so fed up. The amount of money I’ve spent on wyze products 12 v2, 3 pan, 3 v3, 2 outdoor 10 plugs 7 bulbs, home monitor, lamp not to mention sense products as well. And this is how were treated. Put what I can’t return up for sale and blast wyze on everything I see there name on if there is no resolution by tomorrow when I call. How am I supposed to feel secure with home monitoring 8f I can’t even get support for this


I don’t blame you on that one there, after the way they treated me I ended up returning stuff that was still in route to me as well as everything I was able to including my WIZE WATCH which was anything but spectacular. My WYZE thermostat which had problems and open RMA right out of the gate, four outlets and 8 bulbs. $350.00 bucks back in my pocket. On top of it all in the midst of the last chance they had to make things right I noticed I was able to pick up a wise doorbell at my local Home Depot for the same price as it was on there website (for campus subscribers) but was out of stock for the past 3 months and still unavailable. Now I asked you how can I get something at Home Depot which I’ve been unable to get from WYZE for 6 months now. Absolutely ridiculous, kicker was that doorbell included a Year’s worth of Cam plus as well at that price which I also canceled all my subscriptions to.

Lost this customer for life, wouldn’t be surprised if they lost many many many more.


Best way to get GOOD customer service is not to but directly from Wyze.
By from Amazon and be able to return for a refund far easier than returning to Wyze.

On Amazon the V3 is the Same price as here at Wyze, and we all know whom accepts returns very easily :wink:

All my camera’s were purchased directly from Wyze, so again they have all my information. Just received an email from my customer support person and she said that since my cameras are out of warranty they can’t replace them. I told them from the start that my cameras were out of warranty!!! What a complete waste of time she put me through. And the grammar in her emails is terrible, it’s like I’m dealing with a rep from China that doesn’t know English very well. I’m absolutely done with Wyze products!

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Well finally I was able to talk to someone today they can’t get me back into my account or reactivate the base and 2 outdoor cams. Luckily this falls under the warranty so I get new devices shipped out to me. Guy I spoke with was real easy to work with. Thanks Resist for the phone number called 9 am eastern on hold maybe 3 minutes

oh I’m sure they’ll promise to send you out a new one and you gave them all the information they needed for the warranty information I mean I gave them everything screenshots order numbers tracking numbers app screenshots everything… it made me feel like it would be a very simple we’ll send you out a new one and generate a return label for you a week later NADA no updates nothing. I really can’t blame the Philippines call center, they’re eager to help… but at the end of the day (or 9days) :

I recently had an issue with an old V2 camera that was giving me grief after sitting outside for over 2 years with winter temps down to -35 Deg C. In spite of this admission the person on the chat box bent over backwards to assist me to get it up and running again. I /we tried everything and nothing worked. After 2 years of having an indoor camera installed outside I was quite prepared to toss it and not worry. BUT. Being an old geek and knowing that with computer stuff it is critical to “FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS IN LOGICAL ORDER” even if it does not make total sense at the time. After we signed off I printed the exchange and started over. I found that somewhere in the middle of all the instructions she gave me I did not properly complete a step of “extracting” a file . When I did it “EXACTLY” as instructed I ended up with a living breathing camera once again. These things are an amazing pile of technology packed into a 20 dlr package. They have approximately a zillion out there now and I kinda think they know what they are doing. I personally have installed over 40 for myself and friends and the only one that came close to failing was the one in this note. BTW the reason it failed in the first place was that I tried to run about 30 feet of USB power to it and then update the software. Not a good idea. I then measured the power at the end of the 30 feet (daisy chained from another camera) and I only had 4.1 V. Hard to b blame the device. Try starting over patiently and carefully and you might be surprised like I was. Have some fun :slight_smile:


My pancam does the same thing…when it is first turned on I get a pink flash. I guess I really never thought much about it… it just happens the one time when I activate the camera and then it’s fine until I turn it off and then back on again. I didn’t report it as it isn’t that bothersome, I am mentioning it here so you know others have the same issue. I only have it with my pancam, my other cams are fine…V2 and V3’s

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So horrible

There is truth on both sides othe story…my guess would be that WYZE has outkicked their coverage…their sales have exceeded their ability to support their sales…

no… they have bigger issues…


i don’t see any for Customer Support, how ever, looking at how many senior positions are trying to hire for and what they’re hiring for indicate practically nobody’s working there anymore.

it’s a house of cards, i hope they make it. I emailed the CEO asking to make camplus open source so the community as a whole could fix the issues, I said this could be done and he would only need to hire a code auditor, it would be nice to have access to the firmware code but understandably you should keep that close source so that the company still remains in control of its product.


I doubt support staff are actually Wyze employees. They would be call center employees.


I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for any company that goes under due to poor customer support. This company had no intention of changing the world and being there for us, it was all about greed. Their plan from the start was to build as much capital as possible so they could sell the company. Looks like now it might backfire in their faces, and I say good!


I have a V2 camera that exhibits the same behavior. It lives in the basement and when I use to cycle it on and off at sunrise/sunset I’d get the same behavior; a motion event because the IR lights kicked on momentarily. Like you, the device did not previously do that. Nowadays, I just keep it on all the time.

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